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Decision Made - Chemo..

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Thank you to everyone who responded to my thread.. After much thought and speaking with my family, friends and my new friends on CSN I have made the decision to go ahead with chemo. I am confident that I made the right desision and I will know that I did everything possible to get rid of this terrible disease. On a side note: my 19 year old daughter told me she was proud of me and I am an inspiration because I have fought from day one... I have to say that those words have given me all the strenght that I need.

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Hi Karen,

Just wanted to let you know that we are here for you with answers to any questions now about chemo. HUGS and just keep telling yourself when you start it will soon be over. The infusion is the easy part. Just always be prepared for the reactions. Get some Immodium and stash it everywhere. Get some Senakot for the other problem just in case. Get easy meals for those days you are just too tired and little snacks for the days that you don't feel too well. And like everyone says, drink drink drink. Lots of water will help flush out the nasties and help you feel better. Tell us how you are doing on the chemo.

Lisa F.

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Kids are good at that, aren't they? No matter how old?
That said, you ARE an inspiration...to many that you will never know about...that is what I finally realized, and was astounded!
The beast is waiting for people who are unsure, that waiver, that don't have confidence in their treatment...these are the ones it preys on.
Congrats to a very hard decision...we will be here to walk you thru it...post and questions, vent...just to whine like I have...or share good news!


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Oh and p.s. - WATER WATER WATER WATER WATER WATER WATER....flush the chemo out....start the day before, continue thru at least until the day after...
I have NO neuropathy...and I had 5FU AND Taxol (for the breast ca)....all within the last 20 months!!!!

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Karen, you made the right decision. As scary and uncomfortable as aggressive treatment can be, I believe you gotta go for the gusto and attack the beast with everything at your disposal. You won't look back later and think, 'what if I'd taken the chemo?'

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You are a fighter, Karen. My prayers and thoughts to you as you approach the world of chemo. Terri

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It helps once the decision is made. If you are going to be getting oxaliplatin remember to use gloves for going into the refrigerator or freezer, esp for the first week. Also expect some of the "first bite syndrome" the first week of treatment (feels like temporary TMJ syndrome-hurts by the ears).
Let us know of any problems. We will be here for you.

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I so understand about making that decision and you seem pleased with the one you made so it has to be right. Please also keep reading and change some of the "unhealthy" stuff you have been doing to yourself (we all do honey). Relying solely on chemo and surgery might not be enough.

And, Mom look in the mirror and give yourself credit for raising that wonderful daughter of yours!!!!!!!!!! It sure brought a smile to my face.

Lisa P.

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Making a decision does bring some relief! As Scouty said, if you are fighting this beast with the poison (chemo), help your body with the good stuff to keep it strong and your immune system up and running.

Wishing you the best of luck. Let us know when we can help you.


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Best of luck to you on this next step. I was terribly nervous about chemo, but despite a few ups and downs, it was pretty managable. Like you, I felt I had to do "everything" I could, from little things like giving up red meat to overall pursuing a healthier lifestyle.
Stay strong and focused; take good care of yourself. There will be lots of good advice and support here.
All the best, Judy

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Hi Karen,
I am so glad that you are feeling good about your decision. Your are tough, tough, tough!!! I will be thinking of you.

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keep in mind that (my opinion) all cancer is a result of diet and/or a compromised immune system;
investigate diet changes and supplements to boost that system.. Bud

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hi karen.
good luck on your decision. i took chemo for my situation. yes it is amazing how any one person especially loved ones can give you the added strength to fight this beast.
yes attitude is a big,big, advantage to fighting this beast.
all the best
be well
and never,never give up!!!!

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