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Pet/Cat Scan .

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Hello everyone .I will be having a pet/cat scan tomorrow morning . I am pretty nervous as I was told that my cea has gone up . I am Prayng that it is not to bad . My Dr. said he will call me in when he gets the results , Which he said should be by Thurs .I sure could use the extra prayers .
Take Care and God Bless .

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I am a newly diagnosed in July,and I have a lot of faith in God, for sure you are going to be in my prayers for good results from your pet scan.

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Well, Debra...when you get finished PETting the CAT, you can come pet MY cats (lol).

Good vibes I'm sending, dearheart...I found a little trick....I get friendly with the tech, tell her/him how nervous I am...how much I hate the contrast...even make a comment after injection (CT scan) when things heat up....my fav...if it is a woman...'you know, this heat is almost better than s_x!'....most always get a laugh.
One piece of advice...after all, drink water, water,water, water....
My last CT scan was like this...
11am....drink barium redi-cat. 2pm...positioning scans (rads) for my breast 'boost' rads. 2:45pm...whole breast rad (last one). Driving like crazy for 1/2 hour for...4pm CT Scan with...contrast (more rad).
The NEXT day, cause I didn't drink my normal water flush, I had a mild case of radiation sickness....sigh...no wonder, each of those steps included some form of rads....

Water, Water, Water, Water, Water

Special hugs (I KNOW things will be fine), Kathi

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Hi Debra,

Thanks for letting us know about your scans. I'll be thinking of you and praying for good test results.



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My prayers for the good results of your scan.

Please do let us know about them.

God Bless, Eleonora

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Hi Debra,

You are in my prayers. Waiting for results is so difficult, but God will get you through it.

God bless,


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You got it. Here's Positive thoughts for a Negative scan.

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Hi Debra -

I'll be wishing the best for you tomorrow morning. Here's hoping you get good results soon.

Take care,

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I'll be praying for good results. Please keep us posted on how it goes.


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Hey Debra!!!!!

I hope you know I am right there with you and if you didn't, then you know now!!!!!!!!!!!

Do pretty!

Lisa P.

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I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and all week long because I know it will be hectic for you. I'll try to talk to you Thursday or Friday. Let us know how you are doing.



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Prayers to you..try to imagine good news...let us know how everything works out.

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I am wishing you the best possible results!!!

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Hi Debra,

I'm a little late but thinking of you today and sending positive vibes. HUGS for that horrible wait.

Lisa F.

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