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Need help

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I have stomach cancer. I had a surgery in late June to remove part of my stomach and was confirmed to be in stage 3 (T3N2M0). My next step is chemo and radiation. I have great concerns about where I should go for the treatments and what doctor to choose.

I live in Dallas, Texas. I have talked with a oncology doctor at a local cancer center. However, from this forum, I have learned that my chance for survival will be better if I go for a teaching or research center (such as Baylor or SouthWest in Dallas) where the doctors are usually more capable and more knowlegable. I am leaning toward that option. The drawback is that it will casue a delay for my receving the chemo for about one week.

My questions are:
1. How big is the impact for one week dealy in starting chemo/radiation after surgery, especially this is already my 8th week after surgery. I think I am running out of time.

2. anyone can comment the differnces between a local hospital vs a teaching/research center?

3. Anyone knows a good chemo doctor around Dallas area?

I have tons of questions. If anyone can help, my email address is lting001@yahoo.com. Please drop me an email. I really really need help.

Thanks a lot in advance.

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Dear LarryT,
My husband was also stage 3. Last August he had his surgery at MD Anderson in Houston, TX, but we chose to do his Chemo & Radiation near our home in Atlanta, Georgia. The Doctors at MD Anderson were more than happy to work with our local doctors about his treatment plan. For the record, our MD Anderson Oncologist had my husband on 5FU Chemo pump, five days a week for five weeks. He also had radiation five days a week for five weeks.

I would recommend going to a teaching hospital to get their opinion on your therapy from this point. But you can then take that information to a local hospital for the actual treatment like we did. This way, you aren't stuck with one doctor's opinion!

My husband had a lot of complications after his surgery and it was many weeks before we actually started the chemo/radiation. The doctors at MD Anderson were very anxious that he start the chemo as soon as possible, but they never said how long was too long.

We travel to Texas for almost all of his checkups...which have been every three months for this first year. In a couple of weeks we go for his One Year checkup.

Take care!

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I also had 1/2 of my stomach removed last Nov. I went to Boston for my surgery, but was told that I could have my treatments at my local cancer center (Springfield) as long as the treatment was the same. My treatments started about 9 weeks later. I had 1st round of 5fu once a week for 4 weeks, followed by 5 weeks of radiation 5 days a week along with a continuos pack of 5fu 24 hrs for the 5 days. This was followed by two more rounds of 5fu once a week (4 weeks per round). I finished all my treatments at the end of June. I'm just starting to feel myself now and am doing well.
my e-mail is jqueiroga@charter.net if you have more questions.
Good -Luck & keep positive

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