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Prostate Surgeons?

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Any recommendations or (not) about prostate surgeons. I have talked to one in Atlanta but as I will be starting a new job in Alaska in August, I will have to fly to wherever I have my treatment. Any thoughts?

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Hi Rob,
I can only recomend the one I used. Dr Richard Greenberg, head of urology at Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia, Pa. I had RP one year ago. Fortunatly my cancer was caught very early and I've been cancer free since. i think he's a great doctor. If your interested I'll dig out his phone number.

Blessed Be,

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my docotr was Daniel Culkins in the OU medical building in Oklahoma City, I was very happy with him. he is both the head of the Urology Department and a professor.

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I had my surgery at Vanderbilt Clinic in Nashville, TN. My surgeon was Dr. Joseph Smith. He is head of the Oncology and Urology Department. I have absolutely no side effects from the surgery.


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My husband was a patient at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC. they are one of the top cancer centers in the US you can check out there web site www.mskcc.org good luck

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Depending on your stage, look into Da Vinci robotics. Short down time only one repeat visit.
I'm sure you can get it in Seattle, I was in Feb 7, 2006that morning, walked around that pm and went home next day with virtually no pain, had the catheter out in 10 days and was done. Just get PSA checks now.

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Robotic Da Vinci was the way to go.No heavey loss of blood and no scar down the middle. I had a catheter for 4 days and still leaking for(5)months.Are you in therapy for the same problem? mission144@aol.com

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Dear Rob,
Before I chose a surgeon I read Dr. Patrick Walsh's book "Surviving Prostate Cancer" and became familiar with the various options that I had. There's an entire section in the book on how to choose a surgeon. I then went to Dana Farber Cancer Reseach Center which is associated with Brigham & Women's Hospital and Harvard University Medical School. Dana Farber took the team approach by having my records reviewed by the various diciplines- seeds, radiation, do nothing, and surgery. I then met with the heads of each department for a presentation and a recommendation. In the end it was my decision and I chose surgery because I felt that it gave me the best chance to get that crap out of my body and if that didn't work, radiation was my Plan B. I chose Dr. Jerome Richie, head of Urology at Brigham & Women's Hospital and Professor of Urolocal Studies at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Richie met all the criteria set up in Dr. Walsch's book and more. He also was highly recommended by a doctors who was a friend of the family who said he knew of other doctors who chose him as well.
Hope this helped! Please do your homework before you make your decision.
God bless you.

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I live in Portland, Oregon. My urologist does not operate anymore but sent me to Dr. Bruce Lowe here in Portland. I had the Da Vinci surgery in May of this year and came out just fine. Important thing to know when choosing a surgeon for this procedure is how many he has done. If the number is under 100 then you need to look for someone with more experience. Also, there is a book you should pick up:it is the only up to date book on the market and will answer most if not all of your questions. The author is Dr.Peter Scardino. I wrote to him after my surgery and he wrote back. Great guy and internationally respected. Good luck!

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I am sure you found a surgeon and had your surgery by now. I would recommend Dr. Fray Marshall at Emory Hospital in Atlanta. He is the #3 prostate surgeon in the country. He has done over 4000 surgeries and still does 4 every week. He did mine and I had no complications. After two weeks I am almost 100% on incontenance and I had sex with my wife the morning after getting my cat. out. He is great.

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I am 56 and diagnosed in june 07 with PC. I had a Gleason of 6 and a PSA of 4.5. After the biospsy they found cancer in 2 of 12 samples at

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I am scheduled for a prostatectomy with Dr Ehdaie from Memorial,Sloan Kettering.  Like to know how many procedures he has done.  Is there a site to go to for this info?  I know I could ask but I rather see it in writing!

  Than you.   Joe

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I am unaware of your surgeon Dr. E, but any doctor on staff at SKCC is going to be world-class, among the best anywhere.

The SKCC website has extensive bios on its medical personnel online, so it should be readily available there.




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I looked up your Dr. Ehdale at SKCC. If you haven't yet, if you go to SKCC and search for 'Prostate Surgeons,' his photo is one of the first to appear.

Obviously a prominent guy, who seems to specialize in minimalist surgeries, especially cancers of the kidney and bladder.  He mentions robotic, but does not mention a number performed.


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In NYC (not necessarily Sloan Kettering):

Drs. Samadi, Tewari, Scardino, Eastham, Laudone and Lepor all come highly recommended for prostate removal surgery.

And NO, I don't know of a listing of doctors with their number of surgeries.

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Dr. Peter Scardino, Chief of Surgery at SKCC, makes an important observation in one of his books:  He points out that the sheer number of surgeries a doctor has performed is not the most important thing to know about him, since some doctors start out with marginal or poor skills, and stay that way for life.

But it is as the old joke notes:  "What is a guy called who finishes medical school last in his class?"  Answer: "Doctor."



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I read that he developed a technique to avoid erectile dysfunction. He is world famous. His surgical margins are very low.  He is the one that I would select, if I were to do surgery. In fact, for surgery he is is the best of the best.....I would travel from CA where I live to be his patient. 

Joe, I wonder about your case, the diagnostic tests that you have had and the results, and the "best" choice of proceedure.



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