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I am currently on gemzar/cistplatin for a recurrence within 6 months of initial treatment of carbo/taxol. Initial treatment went very well with ca-125 normalization (14) after 2 treatments. It was 6 after the fourth treatment and stayed in the single digits until 4 months after treatment. I am currently on the above mentioned combo in week 1 and then just gemzar in the second week, the third week is off and then the cycle begins again. Cistplatin made me very sick and takes 6 hours to administer. Has anyone had gemzar with carboplatin instead of cist. In a sensitivity study the assay had carbo doing a little better against the cancer cells than cist. I would appreciate any info anyone has about the effiacy of this two drugs with gemzar. I would like to switch to carbo if it will be as effective.

Thank you.

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Has your chemo doctor suggested carboplatin instead of cisplatin? Through discussions in my support group, I understand that they are very reluctant to give carboplatin until a lot of time has passed from initial treatments with it.

I've heard of good results to treatments of OVCA with a drug that is going to clinical trials - phenoxodiol. You can read some information about it at this address: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/medicalnews.php?newsid=43513 or http://www.clinicaltrials.gov. The only reference I see to this drug on this site is for prostate cancer.

Good luck to you-I hear discussions about various treatments and how they affect the women who have them, and I really hope I never have to make a decision for further treatment, but I'm listening and making notes.

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I have heard of people getting this as their second line of treatment and also people getting gemzar with carbo. But because you recurred so soon after the intial treatment they don't usually give you the same drugs. What is ca125 now? Hopefully this drug will cancer's butt.

Prayers N Hugs Bonnie

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