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Colonoscopy Soon

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My question may seem silly since so many survivors who post here undergo many uncomfortable procedures while battling the beast.

I am 55 yrs. old, having a routine colonoscopy done in a couple of weeks. I had one five years ago with clean results, but had a terrible time swallowing the Fleet solution in preparation for the test. I was told that a pill would probably be available by the time I had another test.

My husband was dx with colon cancer a few months ago and prior to his scope, he drank the same horrid Fleet product.

I can swallow pills all day long but liquid meds gag me. Does anyone know if a pill exists?


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Unfortunately, for all of my various scopes....FLEET....I can only choke down half of the first bottle....BUT...I make up for it....I eat a semi-liquid diet starting 2 days before...so the end result (sorry...hehehehe) seems to be the same as someone who keeps the whole mess down.....
Hugs, Kathi

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i just filled my prescription for the pills for the colonoscopy prep. they are called visicol 1.5gm. i shopped around for a gastro with a good reputation who uses the pills. i have to take 4 pills with 8 oz. of clear liquid every 15 minutes until 24 tablets have been swallowed starting at 4:00p.m. the day before. then, the morning of the procedure i have to take 4 pills with 8 oz. of liquid every 15 minutes until i swallow 12-15 pills. they aren't small-around the size of a multi vitamin. yeeeck! i just re-read this and it realize just how much pill swallowing i'm going to be doing! oh well, hope this info helps. susan

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Ahoy, pepperdog -

Susan is right, the pills aren't small and there are a lot to swallow. What I do with the Fleets is put it in the freezer for a day or so - don't worry, it will not freeze. Then I mix it 50:50 with margarita mix (probably best to leave the tequilla out since you're pre-op), hold my nose, and chug. It still isn't great, but it's at least tolerable. I find it also helps if I play mariachi music in the background and wear a big straw sombrero while I drink it. OLE!

- SB

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If you have a real problem with the nasty prep liquid, you could ask your gastro for a drug such as Reglan (metoclopramide). It has locally acting anti-emetic effects and may help suppress that tendency to barf up the ugly stuff. I had it when I did my prep for surgery (which unfortunately involved GO-Lytely - a bad thing).

Good luck,

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Hi Pepperdog
SpongeBob you are tooooo funny. Thanks for the laugh,But you forgot got to mention DO NOT SALT the rim of of your Magarita glass and leave out the salt and lime chaser along with that Tequilla
Best of luck with your choice . Which ever one you chose be sure and get some good ole vasoline and appy after every bathroom visit !!!
Take Care and God Bless .

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I LOVE margarita mix....and salt on the rim...so the salt in the fleet....cool!!! I tried mixing in grape juice...PLEASE do NOT try this at home!!!!

Your devoted daughter

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My doc says you only have to take the prep until the results are the consistancy of weak tea, not until it is all gone. jams

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I know exactly what you mean about the Fleet phospho prep. I felt like my insides were coming out, and that was BEFORE I started puking. There are, however, pharmacies that can "compound" the phospho prep into different flavors.
I tried the "go-lightly" (HA) stuff for my surgery prep, and that made me puke foam through my nose!
After close consult with my GI doc, I use good old fashioned Citrate of Magnesia, which I had taken decades ago as a prep for unrelated surgeries. It is not as "effective" as the others, but I also go on a light, low residue diet for a few days, and then liquids for about 36 hours. I have had 2 colonoscopies this way, and have been clean as a whistle.
The visicol pills can also be very dehydrating; so no matter what you use, be sure to take more than the recommended amount of fluid, especially if you are on the small side. My doc says women who weigh less than 120 can more easily get into trouble with dehydration.
Best of luck to you. Judy

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Oh, Judy... that visual is permanently burned into my retina!

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Oh yeah, thanks so much. I just got back with my package of Half-lightly. I am so excited to get started drinking this lovely drink.

Actually, my scope isn't till the end of the month. But...boy, I can't wait!!


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