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I have posted afew times on here before but i doubt you remember me. My mom died at 46 of colon cancer. Her mom had it and also her grandmother. I am 32. Do not have health insurance and have given up on finding any help anywhere because everywhere i look even with my history they blow me off because of my age........but i wont even get started on that. Around here colonoscopies start at around $2000. But i was told by someone at the Colon Cancer alliance that most of that cost is from Anesthesia(spelling?) and if i did not get that it woudl be much cheaper. Dont think i am too comforatble with that :( do any of you know of someone that did it without or maybe you yourself done it? was it that bad.......

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My Dad was getting them for about the last 10 years twice a year with no anesthesia. He liked to run back to work after and didn't want the anesthesia to hold him up and another reason was he liked to watch it on the screen as they were doing it to make sure they didn't punture the colon wall or anything.
He said it wasn't bad at all. I myself have not had one yet but I've been thinking about getting one soon.

Good Luck.

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brave, brave souls! I HAD a tumor already that hurt like the devil....so that may have colored my decision to be put out....
BUT I had my flex sigmoidoscopy without anything...fascinating to watch...my surg onc gave me a tour....ROFL

Hugs, Kathi

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My father had a colonoscopy without sedation. I think it sounds brutal ... I take the sedation for a flex sigmoid, as I no longer have colonoscopies. I think it's possible to do it sans sedation, but not preferable. I think that there are foundations that can help you with this.


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Howdy Danielle! Welcome back. I have seen a number of articles in the Canadian press recetly that talk about free screenings. Maybe you could let Lisa Rose & Andy adopt you?

When Katie Couric had her scope done live on TV, she didn't have anesthesia. Personally I'm all about the drugs. I usually slip 'em a $20 to give me a little extra - those military docs will do almost anything for an extra buck (I AM KIDDING, of course).

You know... I just had a thought... I know Olympus has just marketed a new imaging tool. Maybe if you were to contact them they might be interested in doing some sort of pro-bono thing. Let me know if you're interested and I will give you an e-mail address to someone there.

Don't be a stranger!

- SB

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Hi -

Well, I for one would not do it without anesthesia, but if I recall the anesthesia was about $600 of the billed cost (which total approached $3000.) Still network insurance paid much less and you might try and get a doc to agree to a typical insurance network price rather than billing you for the total amount (I am in constant wonderment at those theoretical billed amounts as they are so far above what insurance companies pay and at least for specialists, it is not clear that anyone pays the "billed" amount.

Take care,

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Hello .
Well from one who woke up during the middle of the scope . I have to agree with most and say GET THE DRUGS !!!!! Now with that being said . when I had my scope cancer was found , and I was in pain because of the biospy's that were being taken at the time ,I guess I forgot to slip the Lt. a twenty .(note to self take $40 to next scope ) .
Take Care and God Bless .

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(Note to Debra: Take them in $1 bills, stuff in technician's scrubs....)

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Ha ha! Sponge as usual you make me laugh! I would happily be adopted to get this damn test! I am so frustrated. Everywhere i turn i get a door slammed in my face! They are constantly shoving get preventative care, get preventative care yet when i go to try and find it and tell them i do not have health insurance they say good luck! I would love to have the site sponge! Thanks!And much thanks and love to the rest of you! i dont post often but i read daily! ((((((((hugs))))))))

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Might be a good idea to try and find a way to get health insurance until you get a scope. If they find cancer, then you will have a nightmare on your hands without it. No one will ever insure you again. Not sure of your situation. My onco said that my daughters, 30 somethings, didn't need a colonoscopy until they were 35, but they don't have the history that you do. Hope all turns out ok for you. jams

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My first colonoscopy was done with just some IV valium and atropine ( to help prevent the heart from being stimulated when the bowel was stretched). There was some discomfort going around "the corners" but I made it through. The second time was during surgery so I was out. BTW, what state are you in. Some have programs to help the uninsured.


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I am in the state of Louisiana.
I can not even begin to be able to afford insurance, It is not offered through his work. It is something i have checked on. The sad part is that since we are low income "if" i did get cancer and have to have treatments , surgeries ect. then all that would be covered. Because we fall in a low income bracket and i would be considered disabled and medicaid would pick up the cost. Now how screwed up is that? Do you know how much money could be saved if they were mpre willing to do preventative care on those who are high risk? My mom was in the same situation as i am never got the test done, and by the time they found thecancer at age 46 it was spread throughout her entire body, she had brain surgeries among multiple others. Her cost exceeded $300,000 but she was not held liable for any of it. But yet if they would have given her the test years ago she would still be here and the state would had saved ALOT of money. The insurance i have checked into Is about $200. With a deductable of $3000! thats more than the colonoscopy so i would be in the same boat that i am now. I am not looking for handouts. I have more pride than that! But i am willing to swallow a little of it if i could get the test for free out our local teaching hospital. But all they say is gotta be 50, gotta be 50!

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Check with the hospital's geneticist doctor if they have one. He or she might be willing to do a genetic test and pull some strings to have you tested and then a colonoscopy at a discount. Also talk with the hospital social worker. They have lots of tricks up their sleeves. Don't give up! Go back to the head of surgery at that local teaching hospital and bark up his or her tree until they are sick of you and agree to do the colonoscopy.

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Hi!!! I live in Kentucky and they have what is called a spend down program at the hospital and food stamp offices. Also there are organizations that help pay for medical treatments and use it as a tax deduction. You will find these at the hospitals. Check with yours. Most of the time, they pay all of the bill. Forget about pride, after being checked head to toe for cancer...you loose it anyway... Been there done that... You are in my prayers... In Gods Love Barbara

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