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I was reading your earlier posts and note that you mentioned that you had been on folfox/avastin then went to folfiri/avastin...why were you switched and able to keep the avastin. My husband progressed on folfiri/avstin then was switched to folfox BUT was not prescribed the avastin anymore which made me nervous..can you please let me know your circumstances?
AS to what other options?? what about panitumumab- they are fast tracking it and I think they have trials ongoing...the preliminary results look great.


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    I actually started with folfiri/avastin. When this wasn't accomplishing much we switched to the folfox/avastin combo. I would ask the onc why they aren't doing the avastin. If they don't have a good reason request that they resume it.
    I will be asking my onc about panitumumab
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    Thanks Mary- I wil re=ask when we go for the next appointment in 2 weeks..after the dreaded CT scan..(my husband said today that he feels he lives "from CT scan to CT scan"
    Take care..and did you read the post about SIRT sheres..I had heard about them before with good reviews.