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Finding a physician

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My sister - age 45 - has just been diagnosed with liver cancer. We don't know any details yet. She is trying to find a recommendation for the best physician/cancer center to go for treatment. She doesn't care where it is located. Can anyone please provide recommendations?

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Hello!!! I have angiosarcoma of the liver. I am sure there are a lot of good doctors out there, but I has to research to find mine. My first doctor gave me less than 3 months to live. I went to M.D.Anderson in Houston, Texas, and they said I didn't have cancer. The Mayo Clinic said I did. Back and forth for 7 months not knowing wheather I did or didn't have cancer. I got on the internet and researched and got my self into The Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. There I found hope and help. A carring staff and 3 great doctors!!! Tausig Cancer is also part of Cleveland Clinic. I have to travel 525 miles one way but it is worth it... You can look up cleveland clinic at cleveland clinic.com. Check out their doctors. I see Dr. Allen Siperstein, a general surgeon who does the radio frequency ablation on me. I also see his PA Kevin. At Tausig,I see dr. Borden. I also have oncologists that I see where I live in Kentucky who work with Cleveland Clinic doctors in my treatment... They are all wonderful!!! Research and see if maybe there is one you would to see. If you want to talk, just email me. In Gods Love ...Barbara

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