Shocking News! Encouragement?

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My Dad was just diagnosed with stomach cancer. He is 57, healthy,(even though he has had many health problems in the last year: knee replacement,blood clot in lung, vit B-12 deficiency, numbness in hands, feet. He's right hand now shakes making it hard for him to sign his name. NOW stomach cancer. He had a scope down the esophagus to check on stomach problems he was having. They found a spot and directed us to a surgeon. We met with a general surgeon on Friday Aug 4 and was shocked when he said he recommended his stomach be removed. No chemo/radiation as post op. The spot was small in the upper part of the stomach. A cat scan did not show any cancer in the lump nodes. He said that stomach removal was only a 25% cure! We are speechless. . .reading information on the site is both encouraging and scary at the same time. We live in OKC and he is set up for surgery on Wed. Aug 16th. The Doc didn't say anything about the "stage". I'm sure from reading information I will soon know what is meant by "stage" of cancer. Any words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated. How does someone survive without a stomach and getting the nutrition needed to live a "normal" life? The 25% cure scares the life out of me.


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    OOPS, my Dad is 76 not 57! Don't know what I was thinking when I typed his age.
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    I would get a second opinion on the treatment options. I had stomach and esoph. cancer . The Cancer was at the top of the stomach at the junction with the esoph. My treatment was 6 chemos and 28 radiations before surgery. The pre treatments were successful enough that only 40% of my stomach needed to be removed. 2 years after surgery I lead a normal life filles with small portions for meals. It beats the option. My odds were 15% success. Someone has to make up the good outcomes. I'm not sure where you live but I would try to get to a large teaching hospital. I had success at Northwestern Memorial in Chicago. Mary Mulchay MD Chemo, Peter Wayne MD surgery, Dr Small Radiation. It may be your dads age or physical condition preventing chemo. The treatmentrs were tough bu ultimately worth it. Good luck, you are in my prayers.
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