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Oropharyngeal cancer

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I am awaiting the results of my CAT scan for throat cancer. The doctor is sure that it is cancer but said that it is in an early stage and still very small. Today is Friday and I see him Monday at 1PM to go over the CAT scan and discuss options. He did say a biopsy would be a definate. I am a little nervous because it is at the base of my tongue and hurts to swallow and my ear also hurts when I swallow. What I read here about this cancer does not seem very optomistic but even after reading it I feel pretty optomistic. I really like my doctor. I had to squeeze his diagnosis out of him, he didn`t want to say until after the results of th scan but I could see he already knew what it was after he checked out the back of my tongue & throat with that up the nose, down the throat tubie thing. UGH!! I guess what I would like to know is that there is someone out there that has survived this cancer, just to make me feel a little better. I appreciate any input from anyone. Thanks in advance - Brenda

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I hope that your CAT Scan came back negative. I doubt that it did Though ,since your symptoms were the same as mine. I am now 2.5 years out of treatment for stage 4 Oropharyngal cancer. My doctor indicated last week that I am to a point that the chances of it coming back get less each day. If I can be of any of any assistance let me know. It's a hard road but you can do it. I had
Chemo (cisplatten & Taxetere) Radiation 40 Treatments and surgery to remove 9 lympnodes on
left side. The treatment was very aggressive but I'll take it since I'm still kicking. Last Summer
I spent 6 weeks out west Mountain Biking.

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Hi Bill - Did you get a swollen throat from Rad? Did they call it a "Dewlap"? Was it fluid & has it disapeared? Catfish007

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