late effects of radiation

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My 31 yr. old daughter had a brain tumor, radiation and chemo when she was 16. Currently, she is suffering from "episodes" where her speech becomes slow, sounds "retarded" (forgive my use of that word)and frequently feels extremely tired. Are these symtoms that you recognize? These symptoms were diagnosed as "seizure" several years ago and she went on seizure meds, but now the final word is not seizure. She went for 9 months with no events, and now is having several each week. Hopefully, one of you have experienced similar symtoms. I would be most grateful.


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    my wife had radiation for brain cancer and is also having speech and seizure problems,
    she has an episode every half hour , she was doinf fine up to week 5
    she has the voice thing , she even had auditory hallucinations but they went away, today they added depacote to her cocktail of meds,
    i have no answer but i feel your pain,
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    I am a 32 year old male and have had simular side effects. I get commplicated migraine headaches. And I have had times where I had slow speach or could not get out what I wanted to say. My hands would feel like thier falling asleep and a few times my right side. They mimic a stroke but always return back to normal and it passes. I had one seizure a year ago and was put on depikote for that and the migraine headaches. The only side effect is it made me gain alot of weight.