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Stage 2 newbies read

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I write this for you to tell you that no matter how bad things may seem you too can be NED(no evidence of disease) Briefly; I was dx'd in Aug. 2003 with stage 2 cancer of the descending/sigmoid colon. I had surgery followed by 6 months of chemo(5fu/leuc.)Only today I underwent my follow up colonoscopy which has also been preceded in the past 3 years by ultrasounds, CT scans and regular blood tests.My scope today confirmed my ongoing relationship with NED...WHOOOOPEEE!
Sure, there have been some gremlins during the past years.I have had my share of complications with anaesthetic problems, various reactions to treatments and drugs as well as some heart trouble(chemo related). Coming here to vent, whinge, groan and ***** have also been a part of the journey too.
BUT......with the support of our wonderfull family here I have come thru the hard times and with my lovely wife Jen by my side things have been made easier. I wanted to tell this to all you who are stage 2 because at first I thought I was lost...I thought my world had fell apart. And I need to tell you that I often thought that my time was limited.....hell...was I WRONG!
I want you all to know that no matter how bad you feel, no matter how bad things seem and no matter how horrid all the treatment gets....there is an outlook for you that can be very comforting. I know that our friends here can help make your journey to NED easier.
To them I am gratefull.....to those who have just been dx'd....I hope your journey will bring NED into your lives very soon.
luv to all, Ross and Jen

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Posts: 2115
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Oh...forgot something very special to me....my lovely wife, Jen. Happy anniversary today my sweet.......32 years of a wonderfull marriage!
(yes...Jen does read some of our posts too!)

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Hey Ross,

You are always on our minds and congrats to the continued NED!!!! Happy dance here. Also congrats on the anniversary. Thanks for the pep talk also.


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Kanga! Heck, yeah...WHOOOOPEEE! Excellent news of your NED. You are a true inspiration. Congratulations to both you and Jen, for both good health and a good marriage. Happy Anniversary!

Thank you also for your very supportive and inspirational words to us Newbies. I cannot tell you how much I appreciated being able to lurk last week on the days that I was sick from my first chemo infusion (it was Oxaliplatin + 1 Xeloda, 3 Xeloda, 6 Xeloda = Hurl) and read everyone's poignant, sometimes sad and sometimes funny comments about life with cancer. I've also appreciated all the words of wisdom and great advice from you and the other NEDers - you help create the balance and the hope here and us Newbies appreciate you.

Once again, congratulations and please stay in touch!


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Great news, Ross!!


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Congratulations my new friends!

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Ross & Jen -

Congrats on 32 years (I have seen the wedding photos - and I can vouch that the clothing styles were DEFINITELY 1970s!!)

Wishing you "rainbows" for another 32 years!

- Bob

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Ross and Jen .
NED.. Whoo hoooo !!!
Made my day Ross .
Huggs to both you and Jen .
Take Care and God Bless.

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I'm so very happy to hear your good news and congratulations on 32 years of marriage.

Two good things happening at the same time!! You can't beat that. Enjoy and celebrate!

My best to you both.



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That's great to hear. You have given alot of support to others that is really appreciated too.


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Lisa Rose
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Ross & Jen,

All the best to you both as you celebrate your 32nd Wedding Anniversary. May the love you shared 32 years ago be with you today and all your tomorrows.

Happy to hear your scope went well also. . .

Lisa & Andy

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I cannot believe it,it is truly incredible!!!!!JEN you have put up with Ross for 32 years(just jokes) Well done Ross keep on keeping on mate ,all the best to the both of you,Ron.

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Hi Ross -

What a great anniversary present. Congratulations to both of you!


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hey ross,
congrats for ned and also to you and jen for 32 years!!!! we will celebrate our 26th in nov.
well i guess you will be celebrating with a bit-o-port i believe.
be well
all the best
never,never give up!!!!!
and happy naked dance lol(kathi)

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Congratulations on NED!!! I am very happy for you.

Congratulations also on your 32nd anniversary! I think it is quite remarkable that after 32 years of marriage you are still in love. I thought it can happen only in books and movies! You both must have done something right. May you have another 32 years together!

Best wishes, Eleonora

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Ross and Jen,
Congratulations on your 32nd anniversary! Ross, you are always an inspiration and I enjoy reading your posts. Congratualations on your NED status!
Best wishes,

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Fabulous news and Happy Anniversary!

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Ross and Jen,
All sorts of congratulations, on the NED, on the 32 years and on the awesome attiude. Enjoy! Judy

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What a great post. You not only encouraged the Stage 2 people but others as well. I rejoice with each post of NED. My husband and I celebrated his NED for three short months. He is back on chemo and will have CT scan around the end of August to determine if meds are working again.

We, too, will celebrate 32 yrs of marriage on on Aug 30. Maybe we can have good news to celebrate with the anniversary. It seems the trials in our life make us closer.

Again, congratulations to you on the great NED news and also on the wonderful 32 years. May you have many, many more years of both celebrations!


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Aw, Ross...what a great post! You had a two-fer of the BEST kind! I KNEW NED was still your best bud!!!! Hugs to Jen, as well, for putting up with you for over 30 years (hehehehehehe).

Hugs, Kathi
(naked happy dance in private....)

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Hi Ross and Jen, fantastic news all round, have a great night you two.

We have our 35th coming up March the 4th next year-- so there Ross I beat you haha,

love Virginia.

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Congrats to Kanga and Jen


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Thank you all for your kind wishes. I guess to quote Scouty I too also feel a little guilty that I am ok and many others here still need to continue with treatment. With our numbers here increasing at an enormous rate(far too many people being dx'd with bowel cancer) I am saddenned that it is the way things are. I always have those who are continuing to fight on my mind. Those thoughts will never leave me because I know that there may again be a time that I too might have to fight again and I will need your support. For now we all of us who are fortunate NEDS need to come together as one to continue our support here on CSN. To do unto others.
Kat.....the true inspirations are those who continue to endure in many ways. Kerry and her toenails(They will grow back sweetie); Baby Lisa and her mom(tell her about rainbows Lisa); Ying and her cycling(you have Lances courage gal!);Ron and his many health issues(each a test to overcome mate);Deb and her courageous fight...we cried together gal!)Suzanne and JR,(a wonderfull couple who fought to grow old with their son);Barb,(you find love and comfort in your young disabled daughter and family); Scouty and Emily.......(who had the courage to find there own pathway with treatment...and WON!)
The list goes on......these are the true inspirations....we all have a story to tell. It is the way in which we can tell our stories, fight the battle and still find time to support others that is the quality of inspiration....we are "one"...we are "FAMILY".
Huggs to all, Ross n Jen

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Betty...our best wishes to you both on the 30th!
Sponger...needless to say tha safari suit don't fit anymore...lol!
Eleonora and Kathi.......32 years takes a lot of trust, honesty and love and the committment to care for each other. That is why Jen and I will always be together thru thick and thin.

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