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trying to get friend to open up

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Hi friends, I do not have cancer but my friend does. I do not understand his pain as well as I should. So I was hoping there was someone out there with brain cancer, that he could open up to. Maybe someone around his age in their 20 or 30's. All I can do is listen and say that everything will be alright, but that does not cheer him up. Please Help..God bless you all

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Hi, I dont have brain cancer either, but my mom does. Its not easy!..If you and your friend join the live chat on here you will meet alot of people who have and are able to understand..Hang in there and be there for your friend. He'll need you.

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I had brain cancer in 1999. The thing that brought me through this ordeal is having a positive outlook. People would ask me "how can you have such a positive outlook when you have brain cancer?" My response was "You can either have a positive or negetive outlook on this ordeal and the negetive would be no advantage to me".

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that's fantastic!how did it medically went away?My mother has a brain cancer but doesnt gives up,she is very strong and positive but the doctors give her 6 month of survival.somebody tells me that her joy of leaving could help her.do you think this could really happen?sorry for mistakes i'm italian

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my daughter has a gbm brain cancer. she is 18 and I think she needs someone to talk to as well. you can contact me. thanks, jenny

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