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hi everyone i just wanted to let everyone know that i just got my pet scan results back and everything came back clear but im still have the itching and recently fatigue and the back pain,please somebody tell me that they had the same thing and it turned out to be something else,my doctor just told me that im desease free and he also told me that this itching and everything else was related to hodgkin's im kind of confused and scared how can i be desease free and having the sympdoms or does it mean that its coming back again please someone with the same experience write me back, i would really appriciate it.

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Hi there, I'm almost a year being post treatment. I also itch and have some fatigue. I experience back pain from time to time as well but I was told radiation treatments can do that even months after. my scans have all been clear to date except for "residual radiation inflammation" and scar tissue. my counts are excellent. I believe you and I are just still feeling the affects of treatments (that v drug can do things to one's nerve endings i understand)
I hope that this is helpful to you. if you're disease free that is something to celebrate. but i totally understand the "shadows" and memories" of pre-dx and symptoms etc... if you wanna talk more i'm here. feel free and email me. rachel

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I have been in remission (second time was a charm) for three years. I never got the veins to come back in my arms after the first chemo treatement, and that left my arms cold and clammy. I highly recommend a mediport. My hair also never came back in the second time, like it did the first. But, all things considered, I am a happy/healthy guy. I ride my Trek road bike 25+ miles a day on the weekends, and feel like I am regaining my vitality, endurance, and strength. I still do not go out in the sun to tan. The oral meds that supplemented the Stanford Five chemo protocol left my skin around my torso very sensitive. I itched a great deal after chemo, but eventually it went away. If you want to chat more about recovery after treatments, I am here.

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