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How do you get back to living??

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I'm a caregiver for my mom..before her Dx I fished almost every weekend or hung out on the beach. Its now been 8 months and only been on the boat 2 times. I think Ive only been to the beach once and did not even walk on. (mom did not have the strenght so just looked at it from a distant.. Moms doing well..I just have a fear of not being available if she should need me. My sister has been living with my mom since Feb. but now she is moving back to tenn....so I cant imagine it getting better..I know I must find a away to get back to living. I just get so panicky when I think about having fun or being out where I cant get back if she needs me...
maybe it will get better soon...

thank God she is doing well! She has had 2 sergeries, rad, chemo and has the chemo waffer implants...so far she has had 3 stable/clear MRIs...oh yea...She has blioblastma multiform grade IV...Brain Cancer.

Hope all is well for you.

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I lost my mom 20 months ago to GBM IV. From the time of her Dx to the time of her passing was only 5 short weeks. I know it seems like an awful lot to deal with and is so incredibly stressful when you are "in it". Are there any support groups in your area or any services available through your hospital or church that might have a "sitting" service that would enable you to take an occasion break? My only other advice to you is to hold on to every moment you have with your mom--whether she has 5 months or 5 years--or longer, hopefully!!! Although I cut my work schedule down to 2 days when my mom was sick and spent nearly every other moment in the hospital with her and my dad, my biggest regret is that the Thursday that I chose to work is the day that she died and I didnt't make it to the hospital in time.
I was just surfing the internet this morning when I found this site and I think I was drawn to your post because my name is Janine also.
Cancer is a very scary disease--especially GBM. Thank God your mom is doing so well--I wish you and her all the best.


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How will I know when I am getting closer to the end?
I am Janine's Mother, and I am doing great except for some shakiness,tire esly and short term menery loss that is no big deal, I am doing great. I don't want any surprises. I nwant to get out more and do more. I want let my loved ones know how much I love them, and I want to have fun. I wamt to get back to living the best that I can.

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Janine, I know what you mean about trying to live your life. The best advice our surgeon gave us was to live our lives. It really made a difference. You have to consciously make the choices that will allow you to live...it isn't easy, by a long shot, but you HAVE to do it. My husband had GBM also....he died last year, but I will always be grateful to that surgeon for his words, because my husband and I DID live....we made the best of the time he had, and I will never forget that. And I read good news today...honestly...from Cedars Sinai Medical Center. They have found that a protein in some Mid Eastern scorpion venom inhibits growth of brain cancer. I hope that this exciting research comes in time to help your mom...take heart....and make the CHOICE to live your life...no, it isn't easy, but it IS necessary.

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Did you see DR.Black?

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