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is anyone else having tech problems with this site..it's getting worse. Everytime I reply to a post, it takes about four steps to get back to the crc forum; first I get a blank page saying "click here to return to the home page-(where I don't want to go..), then I have to go to my start page, then crc forum...GRRRR! Bud

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I've had similar problems. Sometimes when I reply I am taken back to the main page and I have to reopen the thread I was previously on. It's a pain.

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I did have the same problem. Sent an email to the site, I believe under the Give Us Your Comments section and it stopped happening in about a day.

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That sounds like approximately what happens to me, but I didn't think of it as a problem. I want to circle around and reopen the thread after replying, because the thread is different now -- it has my reply.

Here's a way to avoid a step or so, maybe, depending on your browser. Using Firefox, I can right click on the "[reply]" after the message title then choose a menu option "Open link in new window". I type the reply into the new window I'm given, then when it says "Click here to return to ...", I just kill the window instead, and go back to using my previous window.


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I'm a night owl and several times in the last week the site was down when I tried to log on. I agree with the title of your message. Joy

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when I reply to a post, it brings me back to the list of posts, right to the beginning of it. I did not think that it was a problem.

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Ahoy, Gang -

CSN is well aware of the many problems folks are having - the architecture is getting almost as old as Bud. They are in the process of rebuilding it, making it better than it was, faster, stronger (cue-up the 6 Million Dollar Bud music). We'll have to put up with for a little while longer, but rest assured they are working hard on making CSN bionic!

- SB

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Thanks Sponger,

While we were at the ACS site in Austin (CP 3), we got an explanation of what was going on and you are right on. Anybody that has worked with software knows that storage capacity and number of users is huge on the performance of the tool. The site is too big so they have a company working on a new one for us that will make us all very happy.

Try to be patient but continue to report your problems since some are fixable (unfortunately not all are).

Lisa P.

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In other words it's probably the SemiColons that are @#$%ing everything up with our 33,000 posts!


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Hi Bud -

Yes - this pretty much sucks. But, I find it easier to keep hitting "BACK" to get back to list of messages as opposed to clicking on that dreaded message about returning to home page. Especially since my home page inexplicably puts me into the middle of a post with Debralla from December? Who knows why? So, back - back - back works better.


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