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New User, Pathology Report Tomorrow

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Hi all. I'm so glad to have found a supportive place to talk. I was diagnosed with endometrial adenocarcinoma June 14, 2006. I had a complete hysterectomy on July 12th (I'm 45 years old). I have an appointment tomorrow to discuss my pathology report. At the hospital, my surgeon told us that it looked good, we caught it early and he didn't think any further treatments would be necessary. Tomorrow I find out for sure. Meantime, some of my incisions are "weeping" and I'm experiencing a decent amount of pain inside and at my belly button.

That's the physical side of it. Emotionally, I'm all over the place. Nothing like having to deal with cancer, recovery, being out of work (I don't have disability pay), forced menopause, to say nothing of being an independent single woman used to doing everything for herself!

I know that God is with me, my faith is very important to me. I also know that I want to learn lessons and take good things from all this. Sometimes I do, sometimes I just want to cry.

I'm sure you all know the feeling... it's nice to be able to share it with people who are going thru it. My family is very supportive, I just don't want to "whine" to them all the time!

Thanks for listening... any and all replies appreciated!

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Hello, "HJ1"! This may all seem so strange, you're probably having a hard time getting a grasp on it. I'd like to say that what your surgeon said sounds great. I hope you'll come back and let us know what the pathology report came back as.

You may not have any menopausal symptoms, especially if you were on the verge of it before your surgery. I was fortunate in that way (I was 48, but hadn't started it yet), and didn't have any noticeable menopausal symptoms. I did have to have chemo because of the ovarian cancer that was found during the surgery, but my uterine cancer was staged at 1B, and it was felt that no further treatment was required because of it.

I had trouble with my incision, but I had no real pain associated with the surgery other than from my bowels-they react to being manipulated during surgery, and sometimes the pain was horrible. Be sure to talk to your doctors about any pain you have. They're used to hearing about it, and will recommend anything they know of that will be helpful.

I hope you'll explore what support groups may be in your area. The American Cancer Society office closest to you may have a list of them, or a local newspaper may keep a list, as does my local paper.

Keep your chin up! Although I was not "officially" working when I was diagnosed, I had a little income from selling on eBay, and was able to keep that up during my recovery and chemo, and then interviewed for jobs toward the end of chemo, landing one that I did the interview wearing my wig to. I haven't divulged my illness to my employer, because I don't consider it any of their business!

I can appreciate your not wanting to "whine" to your family all of the time! It would be good to get into a support group. It helps to be able to commiserate with them, and I find mine inspirational in many ways. Hope to see you on the board again!

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Hi groundeffect! Thanks so much for the reply... I really appreciate it. As far as the pathology report.... my wonderful Dr. V. considers me cured!!!! Praise God!!!!! I don't need any further treatment, tho he's going to keep a close eye on me :-)

It was grade 1 stage 1b with only 1/3 invasion into the muscle... we caught it really early. I have an amazing doctor... he's SO caring and sweet! He's also very efficient and gentle. I would NEVER have wanted to go thru this with a dr not like this.

I intend to be pretty active on the board and I've already made a personal web page here :-) It's great to find a supportive place. I had talked to my family dr (she's also so great!) and she suggested I might find I like the online support to be best. At any rate I am looking for a group to go to, tho to be honest, I'm much better at expressing myself from my laptop :-)

Menopause... ugh! LOL I've had 2 hot flashes so far... holy cow! :-( It's like your on fire but on the inside and you expect your skin to be hot and it's not but those flames are raging on the inside and all you can do is focus on "need to cool, need to cool". It kinda reminds me of being forced into basic animal instinct but I was blessed with short durations lasting only a few minutes.

And omg my moods... holy calzones, I am all over the place (like I wasn't moody before LOL). I want to cry, then I'm chattering away, then I'm MAD. And I don't realize it right away. One of my sister's suggested trying to recognize it for what it is and that may help. I've warned my boyfriend LOL

Take care and hope to talk again soon!

Be blessed :-)

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Glad to hear your pathology was so good! Is your doctor a gynecology oncologist? If not, I would suggest an appointment with one in your area and possibly a second opinion from a radiation oncologist.

My regular gynecologist is also wonderful, but readily admitted the best thing to do was to have a gyn/onc to co manage me. Their expertise goes so far above regular gynecology.

My cancer was Grade 1 Stage 2B and the NCCN (National Comprehensive Cancer Network) recommended radiation which I had. I had my gynecologist and an gyn/onc at my surgery and everything was very early with only two 0.4 cm lesions and superficial stromal (body of the crevix) invasion.

The NCCN makes recommendations for radiation based on grade, stage, your age, tumor size, depth of invasion and invlovement of outer third of uterus, and any other pathologic findings.

The time to ask questions is now. And if they all agree with your gynnecologist, you will be better able to put your mind at ease and loose some stress.

I had to know that I had done everything possible at the beginning and that the rest is in God's hands. He has given you the knowledge to be your own advocate...take advantage of that blessing!

And that menopause thing...hell...it beats the alternative!!!! But I haven't had any problems and I was 46 at surgery and will be 48 next week.

I think it's all hype from the drug companies!

Good luck with your healing...it will happen!

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I know one thing... I'm an emotional basket case, full blown :-( My regular doc gave me something today I start tomorrow so I'm hoping...

My onc is gyn/onc and very good and highly recommended. I know he knows what he's doing but I'm still so freaked out....

HeartJourney... drowning in a hurricane of emotions!

Be blessed

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Hi HeartJourney1! You are not alone - I know what you are going through. I'm 49 and had a 17 cm ovarian/uterine benign tumor removed on 7/19/06...inside that tumor was a stage 2 malignant tumor. So I also had a hysterectomy, appendectomy, lymphectomy(?)...and have been told I am cancer free (the outside benign tumor shielded the other organs from the inside malignant tumor). BUT I too am an emotional basketcase...I cry at a moment's notice no matter who I am speaking to or about and I get angry over little things. It doesn't help I lost my job (business sold to new company)on the day I went into surgery and have to take my son out of parochial high school after 1 year adjustment to it (after homeschooling 8 years). Could this be hormonal? I must seem ungrateful for this second chance at life, but...this is not an easy thing to recover from I think because of the emotional-hormonal connection and the financial strife we are going through doesn't help.

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Joined: Jul 2006

Oh Tori... I'm so sorry! I can't imagine dealing with all this stuff and then financial stuff and your son having to move schools... sheesh!

Trust me, I've discovered that "freaking" is normal! Thank goodness... I was seriously worried about my state of mental health :-p

For me, today is 4 weeks post op and it's my first day on a med that will hopefully help my moods. I too cry, get angry, it's horrid. I'm alllllll over the place. I have to say that at least today I was feeling peculiarly drugged LOL and thankfully, to be honest, I'm feeling nothing, which is a nice change from the wicked roller coaster.

I have no idea if my body will adjust to this med or if it's just a "shut down" day or what. Guess I have to take it just one day at a time. Patience has never been my strong suit!

Here's wingin' a prayer for you and your family...

Be blessed!

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I'll step in again to say that I've been taking a low dose of Zoloft for a while because of the anxiety I was having, and find it a great help. I took Prozac some years ago to help through a difficult time, and found it to be too strong. Don't be afraid to ask your doctor for help through this difficult period. It's a good way to lower the stress we've all felt after diagnosis; stress is no good for your recovery!

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