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Problems from radiation

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I had a cancerous parotid tumor removed in Dec. 2003, and radiation in 2004. This left me unable to hear from one ear, and this same ear also drains continually. I have had a tube inserted -- another hole opened by itself in the eardrum. I had my mastoid cleaned out -- no help. I think they are pulling at straws, but now the doctors want me to undergo hyperbaric chamber therapy. Has anyone else had any experience with this, and did it help at all?? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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I have a glomus jugulare tumor on left side, near ear. Tumor and radiation did some damage to my bone, mastoid, I think. I am deaf on left side. There is a small opening in that ear, where eardrum was, left there during surgery by doctor who didn't know much about my kind of tumor. There is a little fluid that comes from there but not enough to bother me. Have you seen an ENT about ear?

I had 40 sessions at the hyperbaric chamber to strengthen the upper jaw bone before oral surgery and it worked. Radiation damaged my teeth and before removing them I was in the chamber before and after oral surgery. It worked very well for me and that extra oxigen seems to work well not only on bones but also on wounds that are not healing. My experience in the hyperbaric chamber was good.

Hope this information helps.

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Thanks for your input. I have been to two ENT specialists in the past month.

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My husband is having a lot of trouble with his jaw muscles, his jaw locks and he has trouble opening it and when he eats it locks. Do you have this problem if so what do you do about it.

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