Done Chemo!!!

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Hi All,

I don't start topics often but do post to others. To give a little background. I was dx Dec 19th 2005 with T3 1node colon cancer and had my tumor taken out the next day which was my birthday. (very ironic) I was on folfox for 9 treatments. I just want to share my joy that I decided to stop the chemo and my onc agreed. I am diabetic and now have neuropathy in my hands and feet and my blood sugars were out of control. This told me my body had enough. I'm glad to be off and now going to fix the issues that the chemo caused. My blood sugars are back under control and now to fix the neuropathy. I want to thank everyone on this board for all their support and help. I'm back to my good diet (thanks emily and Lisa P). HUGS and good vibes to everyone here. I'll still be reading posts but wanted to share. :)

KathiM: Doing my happy dance all the time now. LOL.

Lisa F (not to be confussed with all the Lisa's on this board. LOL)


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    Congratulations Lisa F. I wish you all the very best. Happy Dance is on order for you!!

    Take care.

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    Congratulations!!! I'm sure it feels so good to be off of all that chemo. Now, it's time for your body to heal. Best of luck to you. You are in my prayers for a quick end to the neuropathy.

    God bless you,

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    Congrats on the end of your chemo, Lisa! I'm jealous!! (I have 12 more to go.....) Enjoy your freedom!

    Mary ;-)
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    Congratulations, you have given many here alot of support. Please stay in contact with us and let us know how you are doing.
    Stay NED forever!
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    Yeah Lisa!!
    Congratulations! Let the healing begin. I'll start by having an ice cold beverage, and you can join me soon!
    Best wishes!
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    DK2006 said:

    Yeah Lisa!!
    Congratulations! Let the healing begin. I'll start by having an ice cold beverage, and you can join me soon!
    Best wishes!

    Well done Lisa! We hope that you can get all the side effects under control. Eat well, go out and annoy the other pedestrians and get the body back in shape.Huggs from your friends in oz.
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    hi lisa,
    just an fyi, kathim does the naked happy dance !!! lol
    be well
    all the best
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    Hey girlfriend and fellow Lisa!!!!!!!

    You just keep learning and allowing yourself to evolve to fight this unfair nasty **** disease. I wish you the very best and please keep us all posted as you continue on your healing journey.

    Lisa P.
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    You go girlfriend!!! Whoohoo!!!

    Naked happy dance here for you!!!

    Today is the first Thursday in a long time when I had lunch instead of poison at midday. It was GRRRRREAT! Next week, on your used-to-be-chemo-day, treat yourself to a spa day followed by chocolate eating (low sugar, grain sweetened of course) and whatever else that tickles your fancy. Celebrate like crazy!

    Way to go Lisa!

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    Me, too!!!!!! Happy Happy Happy Dance!!!!!

    I am sooooo glad you are feeling better!!!!!

    Hugs, Kathi
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    Congratulations on completing chemo! Your positive attitude and great advice are inspirational to those of us just starting. Stay in touch...
    All my best,
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    Way to go!!!! NED forever!!!!! Terri
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