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CRC + Crohns or IBS

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Hi everyone. Restarted new regimen of Xeloda/Oxaliplatin last month after recovery from emergency surgeny for perforated colon. Had sigmoid part removed, 2 years prior had resection in ascending colon area. The thing is, I now seem to be developing symptoms similar to Crohns disease. I have read of people with intestinal inflammation and blockage due to this. My intestines are inflamed and dilated now and movement thru them is limited and painfull. My doctor seems to be at a loss to explain this so I was hoping somebody out there might have had a similar experience and could advise me. P.S. my son developed Crohns disease at age 10, if that means anything. Thanks and God bless, Don.

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Poor thing! I have not had these problems, but I think if I were you I would seek out a specialized diet to try to alleviate the symptoms. You could try to contact a nutritionist or perhaps a N.D. (naturopath) who specializes in the digestive tract.
I would also try eating lots of yogurt (not the processed kind) to try to get some good flora into your gut.
I hope you can get some good results quickly. I would also go to the bookstore pronto and see if I could find something about how to eat when you have Crohns.
Take care,

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I think you should take all your records to a gastroenterologist for review. A good gastro doc should be able to tell if you have Crohn's. The fact that your son has Chron's makes you a more likely candidate, just as your cancer makes him a more likely candidate for cancer in the future. My daughter has ulcerative colitis so I know how painful those two diseases (UC and Chron's) can be. If your doctor seems puzzled, seek out another opinion. God bless you.

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Hi Don,

One of the absolute best books out there for Crohns, IBS, and even CRC is "The Makers Diet" by Jordan Rubin. He almost died from Chohns in his early 20s and after going to many docs the US and many other countries, he was sent home to die, he ignored them, completely changed his diet and is now very heathly.

His description of how the colon works and what it needs or doesn't need is the best and easiest to understand that I have ever read. He has now been symptom free for 12 years (Crohns is incurable).

Lisa P.

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