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Results after how much time?

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Hello guys!
Just wondering after how many chemo sessions did any results (lower levels, reduced tumor size etc) appear? My dad has started a new chemo scheme in late April, to day he started his 6th session but still no decrease in mets size, but growth. Other exams CEA, liver function exams lowered but still not idle.Should I start worry that drugs are not effective to him?

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Hi, I would not worry yet. But if there is growth I would think the Dr might want to change the chemo they are using on him. What is he currently on? Mindy

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He is on 5-day chemo, Weekend, Monday Avastin. On the 5-day period he gets 5FL, irinotecan, oxiplatin, mytomycin, but I do not remember the exact order.
Before April, from Sept to March, he took Xeloda and oxiplatin and dr replaced oxiplatin with irinotecan, because of no results.

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My mom's doctors always stopped the regimen she was on when growth started because they said this means the chemo isn't working.

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Oh God, that's not good news!!!
I mean NO drug had effect on mets. I don t think there are many choices left. Actually, I think its erbitux only.
Now I am getting nervous. Plus I am going to take the CT results, which are gonna be S**T!

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I don't know how old your father is, but he may be eligible for various clinical trials, or other drugs that you are unaware of. If he has liver mets maybe he can try radiofrequency ablation, or these things called "Sir Spheres". Ask his doctor about other possibilities and consider getting other opinions as well.
I know it is hard, but try not to get so discouraged. Especially as the caretaker it is important that you do not allow your father to feel that you are giving up or that you have lost hope.
Good luck to you both,

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Susan, thank for your reply. My dad is 54, quite young. He did radifrequency ablation on April, but apparently did not work afterall.
CT results were bad. But, hey, could ve been worse! I mean lungs and other organs are not affected.
We'll see...

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Hi Alex, I think your dad and my husband are fighting similar battles. My husband is 53 years old with colon cancer w/ liver mets, has tried all chemos and is now on xelado. We haven't had our first cat scan for the new drug yet, but the others didn't work, like you a small growth, but no spreading to other organs. My husband was dx 1 year ago and is feeling great, despite the chemos and drugs. How is your dad feeling? We are anxiously waiting the approval of pananumumab and are trying not to have to take the erbitux. Keep up the good fight.

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