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skin met.

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Hello to all you brave souls out there. I've been a lurker on this site for the last couple of years - thanks for all the info and comfort. My father has stage four colon cancer and also has prostate cancer. He has been on chemo for the last 2 years with a couple of months off last sept- nov. Recently he has developed a large skin rash around his groin area - we just got told that this is a cancer from the Dermatologist (who was surprised by this) and will find out more at tomorrow's visit with the Onco. Anyone heard of this before, what does this mean? Is the chemo not working? Is it treated with chemo? Is this bad news or just par for the course. Thanks Amy

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Boy, Amy, the beast is sure giving your dad a run! I can't answer your questions but I hope someone else will come along with some info that will help. Hugs to you and your dad!

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Did the dermatologist say what type of cancer it is, was it biopsied? It may be unrelated. Most skin cancers are fairly easily treated except for the melanomas. Hope it is easily treated. It sounds like he deserves a break.

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Hello Amy
Can't help with your query, but wish your dad and yourself and rest of family all the best.


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Thanks for the replys. Found out today it is a seperate kind of cancer. A rare type of aggressive squamous cell carinoma that originates from either the bladder or lung. his PET scan showed extensive growth in a month period. How can one person get 3 cancers? They have told him it's terminal and he has a couple of months. The whole family is in shock. Don't know why I'm writing this, but felt the need to. Thanks. No replies needed.

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