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Only 22 years old with stage 4a uterine cancer

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If anyone has experienced this at such an young age please contact me.I have had three opinions also and had started chemotherapy meds orally and will be on them thru injections also. Its on my bladder and stomach wall including ovaries,and uterus.Just would like some good stories.

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I encourage you to read through the personal web pages. Click on "Personal Web Pages" on the left hand side of this page. Then enter the criteria you are looking for. You can then read the personal stories of our members in similar situations as you are in.

I wish you the best on your treatment.

Take care and be well,

CSN Dana

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Amber, I hope you will find someone to talk to, because your situation is a pretty heavy one for your age. I suggest face-to-face support groups because I know there are many people who do not access the internet; one of the youngest members of my group was diagnosed in her early 20's (and is still is in her 20's), but I know she does not use the internet, and has never seen this site. I was reluctant to go the first time because I really was afraid what I might find. I spent some time in the chat room here, and received encouragement that gave me the confidence to go. It has been a very good resource for me.

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Hi amber, my mother has been diagnosed with stage iv uterine cancer that has metasised to the lungs. I am sorry to hear about your news, but hopefully there are things that can be done. I live in New York, but my mom is actually in australia. How are your chemo treatments going? Did they put you on Epirubicin for chemo? My mom had to have surgery to remove the primary, but now the battle is against the metastis in the lungs. this can be beaten! be positive. walter.

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