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High Bilirubin

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Have any of you ever had high bilirubin while going through treatments? My dad had to stop taking xeloda today to see if his bilirubin goes back down. He is also on Oxyplaitin (sp?) Avastin and Etribux, but they think it is the Xeloda. Any suggestions?

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My mother was on Xeloda. She only had 2 rounds of it. After each round her liver functions were elevated and she had to stop and wait. According to the nurse practitioner - Xeloda does affect the liver.

My mother also got severe pneumonia as the result of Xeloda (this was the only drug she took) from which she almost died. She recovered now and is not going to take Xeloda any more.

So, they are right to think that it is Xeloda.

Best wishes for your dad.


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I ended up with elevated liver counts while on folfox (oxalitplatin). I was able to carry on till #11 (when all sorts of things went wrong), but my liver counts were carefully monitored. After chemo, they returned to normal....

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