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Tumor in the liver

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I had a CT scan yesterday and thought everthing was going well, when the doctor told me the tumor had grown. I could not grasp what he was saying becasue he told me in February I was "cured". Apparently the one tumor they could not find last August was now found. It had grown from not being able to see it , with an Ultra sound, and CT, or with the doctors eyes, or feel it. The Februay CT did not show it either. now 5 months later it is 2.5 - 3.0 centimeters. The doctor believes that if it is only in the liver and has not spread. he can get it with abalation. I will know on Friday the PET scan results. He does not want me to wait. So pray this cancer has not spread and that it only is in the liver. I do not know anything else at this point. I will be in touch as soon as I can. I would like to have the abalation as soon as they can schdule it.
My CEA by the way did not indicate any presence of cancer, so do not put your trust in that test either.
The doctor felt so bad, and I am sure the surgeon as well. It is just something we all deal with. I wish I could be more uplifting. I do know this, at least it was only one tumor and not many (8) when I was first dz.
Must run. Take care.

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You beat this back once ,Now time for you to get those boxing gloves out and go kick butt again !!!!
All my Prayers for you on Fri and remember we are all right there with you !!!
Take Care and God Bless

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Sorry to hear your new news. However, you are right to be heartened by the fact that there is only a single tumor. I have heard of so very many survivors who have been cured with such limited liver involvement. Still, it stinks to evven have to deal with it and we all know that. Sounds like you have a great medical team and a good outlook...the two most important things for long term survival. Take care of yourself and please keep us posted. Survive and thrive through this test!

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The news bites. Take care and keep your chin up!

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Sorry to read that your tumor is back. I pray that it is only in the liver.

Be encouraged that the doc thinks they can take care of it. My husband recently found out that his liver met is back as well. His grew from not detectable to over 1 inch in three months. His is not in an area that can be resected. Not only that, the doc said there are many small ones (maybe 8). Knowing that you have beat this once gives me faith that my husband can beat this beast back again as well. Our doc has never considered the CEA test a good indicator of the activity of this beast. The best to you on Friday.

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Sorry to hear about the "bad" news, but it sounds like your doc has a plan to beat this beast back down. Your strength sounds pretty amazing; keep up the good work. Many folks here have had great results with RFA. I am adding my wishes for good outcome to your PET results.
Stay strong; keep us posted,

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Aw, Mark...the beast is a sneaky lot!

But, as was already said...you beat the beast once, you can again...in fact, take it from a 2-timer...It gets easier!!!! The fear of the unknown is gone...
I will add you to my nightly list!

Hugs, Kathi

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You can still beat that one tumor in the liver!
Good luck to you.

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