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PSA results

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Hello, my name is Frederick Crockett and a while back I spoke with Gene Rocque at Holmes Regional. He mentioned taking Prostasol because I I have recurring Prostate Cancer. Well, so far the results seem to good to be true, thanks for the advice. I'm sorry I have not been able to make the support meetings on Monday, but my summer schedule is very busy. I hope to see/meet with you in the fall. Please continue to send me notices of the meeting.

thanks again

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Hi,Frederick. My name is Howard and have been fighting erratic PSA readings for almost3 years. Currently on Lupron, Ketoconazole and hydrocortisone. At time of diagnosis in Feb 03, PSA was over 31 and went down to 0.2 after six months of HDT. Recently rose to 12. Anyway, I have been checking into alternative treatments and learned about about Prostasol, which I read was developed by a Prof Ben L. Pheifer. His story is on the internet. There is also a Dr. Kurt Donsback who sells Prostasol and operates a clinic in Mexico. I checked Quack Alert on the internet and learned that this guy Donsback is really a shady character. You can read all about him on Dr Stephen Barret's Quack Alert website. So far, Barrett has nothing to say about Prostasol and Pheifer specifically but he sure unloaded on Donsback. Could you tell us more about your experiences with Prostasol? Who recommended it? What effect did it have on your PSA? Your post is the first I have seen on Prostasol on the CSN. Right now, I would eat rat droppings if I thought it would control my PSA but this guy Donsback worries me.

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Hi My nameis Orcountryboy and I would like some info about your recurrent prostate cancer. I was told that my psa jumped 2 points in the last 6 months. I had radiation 12 years ago and the psa has always stayed below .5 until this time. My Urologist says that the cancer is probably back, but ordered another psa test for the last of June to confirm his findings.

I know that because of the radiation treatment that I used before eliminates cutting anywhere in the area of the prostate. I have tried finding info on the net, but so far I haven't found much.

Could you plese tell me what kind of treatment you guys had for your prostate problems and how long ago? My Urologist said that he would explain more about the few options available
when we meet in July to go over this next psa test. He said that he is 99% sure that the cancer is back.

I would like to know anything you guys could tell me about this problem. Don't know where else to turn right now. July is a hell of along wait to hear what I need to know now.

Thanks for your info.


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