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Evevated liver enzymes..?

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I am a 51 yr old female. Went in for annual physical and my liver enzymes came back elevated (SGOT 52, SGPT 55) I do not drink or smoke or use even OTC drugs so the doctor has ordered additional labs (hepatitis, EB virus, etc) and an ultrasound of the liver. I am afraid of liver cancer. My Mom has "fatty liver" and diabetes but no other liver history in the family that I know of. Anyone find out they had liver cancer this way? I have a very rare pain in the liver area occasionally when I lay down on that side or early in the morning. Any one have similiar signs/symptoms?

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Just a few more questions, I'm not a doctor or healer but have been through a lot with my old liver (transplanted 11 months ago) and so still have a memory of some of the signs that I had before things got medical.
1.Have you any swelling of the abdomen or is it tender to touch?
2. Is the pain that you get a sharp jab from the posterior area to the liver?
3. Have you had your Iron levels checked? Iron overload can cause serious damage to the liver - the fact that your mother is diabetic may indicate heriditary genes which can manifest themselves in disorders of the liver.
3. Do you feel lethargic for no reason at all and find your energy levels low?

If you feel any of the above and have not mentioned them to your practioner then you should. If your iron count is elevated then the procedure for regularising it is simple and wholeistic- they just take blood untill such time as your numbers are within the boundaries.If you have any Irish or scandanavian descent then the chances of high Iron levels is greater, its a genetic thing.It causes late life dibetes by attacking the pancreas and stopping the supply of insulin to the body. It can go undetected unless specifically looked for.

The good thing is that anything that is there will be in early stage development and can be dealt with either by lifestyle change or in extreme cases invasive procedures.
The worst thing to do is worry, that brings on stress and cancer loves stress, it feeds of that and self pity, be confident, positive and understand the way your body feels, respond to that and listen to what it has to say, if you are at a stage of dis-ease then the journey is one back to ease, I'm not bullshitting you, a year ago I would have laughed at somebody saying that to me but after the journey that I have been on I have learnt to listen and take notice,

Hope this is of helpm to you and the vey best of luck with your further examinations, see it as time off, bring a few books and some music, the medical day is realitvley short and there is a lot of time between procedures, have something to do rather than fantasise on the worst .

Good luck,


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Hello!! I am also a 51 year young female and I have primary liver cancer. I have never smoked or drank either. My cancer is very rare. Its in the blood vessels of my liver. I am not trying to scare you, I just want you to know that I have talked with lots of doctors. They have told me that just because your liver enzymes are up, doesn't mean its cancer. There are other causes. But its good that they found out about your enzymes and if by some chance it is cancer, they can treat it. Liver cancer can be treated by chemo, radiation, resection, radio frequency ablation... Try not to focus on it until all the results are in. I know that is hard to do. I hope you are a Christian and believe in God because he call take care of all things. I can't make it a day without him... Also remember that you can always get a second opinion. I had no signs or symptoms with the cancer I have, they say they found it by coincidence...I say that God lead them to it. (another story another day) I am sorry I wish I could be of more to you, but I will be praying for you and I will be glad to talk with you anytime if you wish. In Gods Love,,, Barbara

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