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3 weeks post RP and dripping wet.

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I am 47 years old and had successfull RP June 28th. Gleason 6 PSA 4.2 Had laproscopic surgery and my Surgeon said he was expecting a small tumor less than .5 cm but pahtology report came back showing tumor over 1.1 cm. so it was a good thing I chose surgery.
I am not out of the woods yet as I am awaiting a PSA test soon and might have to undergo RT if any PSA shows up. At this time I am just a leaky mess and hoping I can get it under control in the next few months.Any one out there have any comments regarding the kegal excersises and do they work?
This is not my first experience with cancer. I have a web page on this cancer survivor site.
"a sqaumous nose that had to go"
Just trying to get thru this stage of post surgery!

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At your age you should dry up fairly quickly. You really are just getting started. It could take many months to get dry. Try to not become discouraged you will recover, you must be patient. The stories of the lucky ones that are dry right out of the catheter are really unusual. Kegels do work but be sure that you do them correctly. You can learn the correct muscle to work by stopping your urine in midstream. Keep trying this and you will soon be able to shut it off. Then go to google and find some detail instructions on Kegels. Also, your Uro may provide therapy to strengthen your pelvic floor muscle. I was 63 when I had my surgery (also Lapro) and it took me a little over a year to get to 99%. Good luck and be patient it will pay off. Russ

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The dripping will gradually get better. Continue with regular exercises and you'll get better control. The day will come when you can throw the pads away.

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I was 60 when I had my RP and it took me 3 months to get to the point where I didn't have to wear a pad. Kegels do work but only if they are performed correctly. Edmund gives the right directions.

As for the psa you have a good chance with a low Gleason grade of getting to zero. So try not to worry it doesn't help the bladder control.

All the best for your test

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Your progress does not sound unusual at all. It does take some time to "re-train" your muscles to assume the now gone Prostate duties. The kegels will work and eventually you will not even be aware of performing them. Meanwhile, do the exercises whenever you think of them, while driving, while eating, while watching TV, walking etc. That is the only way you will become continent again.

At this point worrying about your first psa test is needless. From your gleason you should be extremely optimistic about recovery. I am a 5 1/2 yr survivor and have totally recovered.

Best of luck and continue posting your questions.


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Hi...I did kegels every day for 3 weeks before surgery ... and I never experienced a single day of incontinence .... so I think the kegels do work ... and once they kick in you could be very happy with the results.... although I understand that every one has a different experience... but know that it is possible,,,,,Jerry

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These guys have given you some good advice, however I did one additional exercise that helped me. While urinating I would try to stop the stream. At first it was difficult, but after several weeks I was able to completely stop the flow. This seemed to help me gain my control and confidence. I am now 2 years and 4 months post RP and completely dry. It took me 3 1/2 months before I felt confident enough to not wear a pad. Don't expect overnight success, but you will get there! Be patient but as Roger said do the exercises often. Good Luck and keep us posted!!

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I had surgery 18 months ago and still need two pads per day. I decided to have male sling surgery in 10 days more. If some one has had this surgery please give me some tips doctors say it is very painfull the first 5 days after the procedure.

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Original posting of 7/18 I was very wet. Now I am experiencing some improvement, but when I do extended walking I really have problems. Down to 1-2 pads per day which is a huge improvement.
Problem is I have no function sexually. Tried some Levitra that my doctor gave me and all it did was give me a headache. Tried Viagra and no help either. I had nerve sparing surgery so I suppose it could take over six months to 1 year for an improvement there. I was fortunate I chose surgery as the pathology report came back showing the tumor was double the size we expected. Radiation could have worked, but my Urologist said I was a "Lucky man" for chosing surgery. Just wish my father had the option, his prostate cancer was caught way too late to save him.

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I am actually nightbob, but I am having to use my wife's user name (she is a leiomyosarcoma pt) because mine won't work right now.

It has been almost 12 months since I had my RP. I had a lot of leakage for several months but have been able to get through a whole 24 hours with one Depend brief and some days I am totally dry. I have also had sexual problems. I have decreased drive in addition to being able to only get a mild erection even with Viagra. Also, my penis is only about 1/3 as long as before, even "erect". I am hesitant to have any more surgery even to get an implant because I can't conceive of it helping in the length catagory.

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