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Yep, it's a recurrence

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Chris finally got in to see his onc after an MRI of his back on 7/7 confirmed a tumor in the sacrum vertebrae. It's a recurrence of rectal ca and stage IV. Next week he starts chemo for a minimum of 4 months, he's getting a port installed probably Monday. He's in a CT scan today to see if he will be a candidate for radiation in order to relieve his pain which is worsening.
We felt oddly better after the onc appt, it's just good to have information and have a plan. It's the unknowns that are scary.
I do worry about his mobility and pain though and I don't know if he will continue to worsen or what to expect. Does anyone have any experience with this type of beast so I know what we can expect? At some point I will move Chris in with me but for now he wants to keep his place about 15 minutes from me where he lives alone. I'm just worried about him. Any info is appreciated. Thanks guys.

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Oh, Misha! What an angel you are!
I was only stage III, so I can't help other than to offer my thoughts and good vibes!
Hugs, Kathi

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Kathi - The fact that you describe yourself as "only" having had stage III speaks volumes about the character of you and all of the other survivors and caregivers on this wonderful board. God bless us all - thanks for the smile!!

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Hi, first of all I would make sure his pain is controlled. My dad had real bad pain at the end of his life and Hospice made sure he was on enough pain meds so he was comfortable. What to expect in the long run only God knows. If the chemo can keep the cancer stable and shrink the tumor then the pain should go away. He might be real tired on the chemo and need alot of help and then again everyone reacts different to chemo and he might still be able to help himself. My dad was 71 so he got real tired on chemo. Mindy

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Sorry to hear of the recurrence, Misha.I'll be praying that he can get some radiation to reduce his suffering. It can really help...

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Hey Misha,
I just wanted to let you know of something I just read about today! I don't know where you live, but at MD Anderson they just got a new radiation machine that actually uses PROTONS instead of the traditional radiation. The advantage of this is that the protons only target the cancer cells and do not damage the surrounding tissue. Therefore, the normal side effects associated with radiation do not happen (nausea, or whatever). I have not had radiation, so I don't know what the side effects are exactly.....but anyway, I read that MD Anderson is one of 4 or 5 places in the country using this technology, so there are a few other hospitals as well - if memory serves me, one is in Indiana.
At any rate, I would highly recommend checking into this especially if you have good insurance (or if he does, I mean).
At least inquire about it! It sounds very painless, however, I do not know if it is applicable to his situation. They did say that it will be used in children with cancer in the spine, and the sacrum is a part of the spine.
Thought you might like to know. You could probably Google it and get more info. too.
Good luck,

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Hi Misha(luv that name!)Strange how once one finds out the dx it becomes somewhat of a reief is it not.I really think that all the waiting is the most stressfull part of everything put in front of us...waiting sucks! And yet when we know the true and full facts things seem to ease the tension....well...most of the time. I guess it allows us to deal with the "known" rather than the "unknown"...much easier to deal with because then we can put our "stressfull" energy into beating this crap. All the best from your ozzie friends, Ross n Jen

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Well, I know this is a difficult situation for the both of you. All I can say is that I would try to research all of Chris' options before you decide on one thing. Sounds like the radiation that Susan mentioned is very promising. There is so much new technology that comes out all of the time.

I will keep you both in my prayers.

God bless you both,


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I wish you both all the best as you stay focused on healing and wellness. Time to get out the Lance Armstrong autobiography again? This can be turned around. We are with you. --Ellie

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