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mouth sores again

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Hi everyone,

About a couple weeks ago, I posted a question about mouth sores and chemo. I got some great ideas and I thank you all for your responses. My dad tried the biotene and he said it worked a little. Then, he told his doc about the mouth sores and he prescribed that concoction that was mentioned with the lidocaine. Well, my dad has used this for a couple of days and says this really hasn't helped. He said that the sores are very painful and is having a very difficult time eating. I'm afraid he is going to lose more weight because of this. My question is, how long does it take for mouth sores to go away? I know that whenever I have a canker sore in my mouth, it takes at least a couple of weeks to go away, but now, it's been about a month and my dad still has them. Doesn't sound like he's had much improvement. I'm not sure what to do. I think if I call the doc, he is going to refer my dad to his dentist. Any advice???

Thanks, and God bless you all,


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Hi Lee,
Is he still getting the chemo? If so, then the sores will likely continue. If not, then they should be healing very shortly. If he is still having chemo and the sores are continuing his oncologist may need to cut down the dose or hold off. When I was on my first chemo and had the mouth sores my oncologist said if she didn't cut the dose (and held it for a few days) I would be in the hospital shortly.

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Oh, Lee, you are such a great daughter!
I agree with Dick...if the chemo is still going, well, that's why your dad still has the sores...something about a gastro-response (my tummy was involved, too). The magic mouthwash didn't work for me very well, but I brushed my teeth frequently with tepid water (NOT hot) and then rinsed with non-alcohol based mouthwash cut in half with water. By frequently, I mean every 3 hours or so. BUT Dick is right, too...dad's onc needs to be informed...don't want the tummy to start having troubles...like you said, then he will lose precious weight.
Don't think referral to the dentist is bad...mine was the one that suggested the routine that worked for me...they have far more experience in the workings of that area!
Hugs, Kathi

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Hi there,
i know I have mentioned it before and it sounds pretty benign, but yogurt helps. If you have our dad eat it, and even have him let it sit in his mouth a bit before swallowing, it will also help. All of the natural flora has died off from the chemo; that is why the mouth sores are there. Any effort to replenish the flora will help. Oh, and I mean plain yogurt. Try to find a good brand and use the full-fat to give your dad a few more calories. Hope this helps. Take care and all the best, Maura

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there are several prescription mouth washes that help; I can't remember thier names, bu ask your Dr.

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Maura When you say plain yogurt, is this yogurt you have to get at a health food store or can you get in reg grocery store?

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Well, an organic brand is the best; but many regular grocery stores are now carrying good brands. What I mean by plain is no added flavorings/processed fruits/sugars. Just the sort of bitter stuff. And the full fat will actually taaste better; a bit more like sour cream. If you are out in California, Pavel's is super. But, amny national brands are also good. Best - Maura

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Sorry this is so late but..I am new here. I had med called "Mary's Magic Potion" which worked for me. The onc wrote that on a rx pad and the pharmacy knew just what to give me. Nasty tasting stuff but since the taste buds were pretty much gone anyway...it could have been worse.

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