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My mom's colonoscopy...

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Wow! Did I get a lesson in reality. And how much mine has changed! My mom had her colonoscopy on Thursday (of course, she was telling people she was having a colostomy...sigh...) and I was her caregiver. Man! What a ride! I forgot all the stuff when you are an observer...and my mom's came out fine. One polyp. But she kept asking me if this or that was normal...even down to today asking me if it would be ok to eat blueberries...she was worried about the tiny seeds. And she was so upset about loose stool. WOW! Welcome to MY world! But, wierdly, my world is now 'normal' to me...nothing seems too bad, even my second belly button...
Perspective is a grand thing...
Hugs, Kathi

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hi kathi,
glad to hear mom's okay!!!!!!
be well
all the best

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I was feeling a little blue tonight, but reading your post has brightened my mood. I'm glad to hear your mom is well, and very happy to hear you YOU are so well. You are an inspiration to those of us just starting our battle. I'll keep sending good vibes your way just the same. Hoping you're not having too many difficulties with the heat and fires out your way.

P.S. Thanks for your response to my earlier post - I replied with lodging recommendations for your visit to DC...check it out. Glad we have a California contingent going to the Celebration.

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Great news Kathi!!! It is so true about our battle scares. We are alive and kickin!!! Terri

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Great news on your mom's report.



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Glad your Mom got the clear! Nail them polyps before they go bad!

Please say congrats to your Mom!


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I am glad that your mother is fine.

Best wishes, Eleonora

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Good news about your Mom.


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Hi Kathi...as usual I am last to post...hope yah read this. Great to hear your mum is ok gal.You got 2 belly buttons too!? lol! I go for a "colostomy"...lol! too on the 2nd Aug. YUK! I think I will crawl into a hole somewhere and hope no-one notices me missing...lol!
huggs, Ross n Jen

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