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lived through five different cancers

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Ive lived through five cancers ive lost my leg and breasts and a few other body parts my whole life has been taken from me ive lost my car my home and everything i thank god each and every day for my life .. but how do you start a new life at 40 something

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I am so, so sorry for all you have had to go through. What kind of cancer did you start with? Was it breast cancer that moved to bones? That is the delemma I am in now. I am also in great pain. Do you have good family/friend support? I wish you the best of luck.

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Dear Crislgrant...you've made it so far, God isn't finished with you yet :)
You can be of help to so many that are going thru the same thing, maybe start a cancer support group in your area or join one so you can testify of Gods goodness. Start your new life, one step at a time, and enjoy the rest of it...you go!!!
God bless you each new day.......Buffy

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I've had lung and breast cancer. Three months after my lung was removed, they found it in my breast and took part of that. Now I have been diagnosed with Polycethemia Vera, Essential Thrombocythemia, Fibromyalgia and severe depression. I have no insurane either and I am losing everything that I've worked for my whole life. I'm fighting to keep my condo but it's only time before they will come and remove me from the last thing I own. I have no where to go but to a shed that a friend of a friend offered. There is no running water but there is electricity. I guess I should be glad for that. The thoght of dying in someone's shed that i don't even know is depressing. I would have taken my life but I have 3 animals. My cat is 20 years old and my dog is 8 and my other cat is 10. I can't leave them because I don't think anyone would love them like I do. I had thought about taking them with me but couldn't do it. I can't make myself kill my animals. They don't deserve to die just because I want to. I'm sorry that I'm not saying anything to make you feel better. I just wanted you to know that someone else is fighting for survival also. My health insurance was costing $980.00 a month and I sold everything of value to keep it but now that's gone to. I can't afford my meds or doctors visits and i also can't afford the treatment that might save my life. I think I'm just too tired of the battle to survive. I just wish it would be faster so I'm not in pain anymore. I'm giving up. I hope you don't. I'll say a prayer for you but at this point, I don't think anyone is there to listen, at least not to me. I wish you well. Paula

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I had stage 4 nonhodgkins (all thru me)and have been in remission a year. When I read your story I was so touched. I know how you feel about your animals because I had a cat that didn't like me being sick and started acting up. My vet found her a new home through animal rescue. Then my small dog of 14 years got heart failure and passed. Pls check out rainbow bridge ..it is a compassionate web site for owners that have lost pets. As for the insurance and financial part: did your doctors or hospital put you in touch with any counselors or organizations that might help you? (Our country REALLY needs to address this issue of insurance and critical illness!)
Please be certain that I am already praying for you to receive the help you need; and the comfort, friendship, and love that will help you cope with all you are going through. I had insurance but had to sell my house at a loss and spent my savings in order to live. I am blessed with wonderful children but it is not easy even at that. My faith is why I have been able to stay positive through my illness. I pray you will find that peace also. May God send you angels alongside.

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I hate that you've gone through all this and wonder if there's a way to get you help, like state aid. Have you been able to pursue anything like that?

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i am so so sorry to hear your story. i have been so blessed in my situation God has sent so many persons to help me. i am in pain but hearing your story makes it seem so minimal compared to what you are going through. please know that God has not forgotten you and he wwill dispatch an angel of mercy. just keep praying and believing. God has not forgotten!!!

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