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Colon cancer mets to liver

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Help...suggested trials/treatment.

Following is text from Ms. N's Oncologist...a treatment summary.

Dr. I., Oncologist...Patient treatment summary for Ms. N....age 48

Ms. N is under my care for metastatic cancer to the liver. Ms. N has been treated on several clinical protocols as well as trials. Her treatment has consisted of Xeloda, initially started in December of 2003, which she was treated for 10 months; however, either due to progressive disease or toxicity, she was changed to Folfox in February 2005 with progression of disease. Also she was treated following that with 5-FU, Leucovorin and Irinotecan with three cycles of this, and then indicates she was unable to tolerate the Irinotecan and changed at that point from another treating physician to myself, at which time she was treated with 5-FU, leucovorin and Avastin. She completed Avastin in September 2005 with progressive disease noted and changed to Erbitux on 9/20/05. She also had progression of disease on Erbitux, with this being discontinued on 3/30/06. Following that, she was treated with XL999-206, and also had progressive disease noted in the liver and with ascites. Her performance status is acceptable and she is presently being considered for another clinical trial.

We're looking for suggested treatments, and considering immunotherapy. Any and all recommendations appreciated.


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Your road is similar to my husbands, please share your journey. We are anxiously waiting the approval of panitumumab. How are you feeling?

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I have a friend who had mets to liver and lungs. She is in a new clinical trial at Sloan Kettering in New York City. The drug is Picioimumab. Good luck. Peace, Annettr

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hi i´m portuguese but i heard lot of things about immunotherapy mabe you could search things about vaccine resan, or hybricell, or dr rosenberg that is going to start new trials with a major discover.if you put this words in the net and search i think you find some answers.

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