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Treatment has changed

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I just wanted to let everyone know that I first was diagnosed with Brain Tumor in 1999. At that point I was given radiation and a Chemo drug. My Tumor was considered a mixed glioma (Olyodendraglioma and Astrocytoma) and little did I know the Chemo drug only worked for one of the above types of glioma. My Tumor re-occured in 1992 and I was placed on another drug called Temador and I am happy to say I have been cancer free for 4 years now. (YEA!)

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congrats on your report i also had an oliodendroglioma diagnosis in 1993 also in'01 and in'03 all i received was 20 treatments of rads after my 1st one after the 2nd one they said they watch it then when the 3rd one occured they said i would have to take that tamador i was scared but you gave assurance that it is ok.so if it comes back i won't hesitate.thank you very much.keep living and enjoying it.god bless

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hey mark, thanks for your message to my oliodendroglioma query. I'm very encouraged by both of the experiences below - it gives me great hope. all the best

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my son was dx with a mixed oliodendroglioma/astrocytoma in 9/05 -- he had resection but no other treatment -- any one else had no treatment -- and how long until recurrence?

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That is sensational news. My husband was diagnosed with a mixed glioma 8/07 and underwent surgery and just completed 6 weeks of radiation and Temador and will soon start 6 months of Temador. I pray you are well. I would love to know that your quality of life is well.
Take Care

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Hi There,
I was also diagnosed with a mixed glioma in October of 2003. I was only given radiation for 5 weeks, but not any Chemotherapy. Recently the tumor seems to be re-occuring and the Neurosurgeion has suggested the Temador therapy. Would you do it again?

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