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Am I in denial?

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My brother was diagnosed with stage 4 (small cell) lung cancer, which has metastasized to the brain, liver, and the adrenal gland. He has completed radiation to the brain and chemotherapy, which has eliminated the brain lesions and significantly shrunk the mass on his lung and stabalized other lesions on the liver and adrenal gland. Recent scans show the cancer is stable. However, new symptoms have doctors insisting it's time to let go. Over the past few weeks, he has become increasingly confused, extremely malnourished, and weak to extent where he is unable to walk. He imagines conversations, is very restless and sometimes unresponsive. Although all of these symptoms are listed as side effects to the pain medications he is taking (specifically the pain patch), the doctors say it's the cancer causing these problems. We think it's the meds together with malnutrition and dehydration that is causing these problems. Are we in denial?

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What do you mean when you say the Dr's say it time to let go? Stop treating him? What? Is your brother Hospitalized and Bed ridden? Is he On some sort of life support? I'v heard of people surviving when it all looked hopeless? I'd say denial is when your brother is not breathing any longer and you still believe he can be cured. Until then why give up!

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You may want to consider a second opinion; also I would ask about Tarceva, it has done wonders for some people. I have stage IV nsclc. It was in the lung area only, but I had chemo combined with Tarceva and have been in remission since November. You never give up; there is always the possibility of a miracle. I praise the Lord every day for what he did in my body. Keep the faith.



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I was initially diagnosed with nsclc, 3a, inoperable/incurable, and after chemo, radiation and surgery, here I am, five years later, cancer free. Upon completion of my treatments/surgery, I once asked my oncologist how she found the strength to stay with the battle against cancer. She said, "We do it because of you. You are our miracle."
My oncology team never gve up on me. They believed that it might take a miracle to get me through, and that's what they worked at, - making that miracle happen. And so it did.
As "the other Ernie" says, - don't ever give up!
Some may call it denial, others call it faith. Whatever it is, I believe that God will help you through this. Ernie

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