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Sponger...where art thou?

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G'day mate...sorry I missed you post of good news. Jen's got me so busy here that I have to make an appointment just to see her....lol! Great to hear that you still have NED as a mate. I got this pre-emptive sick feelin in me stomach that my time is almost due for my specialist to take another look "where tha sun don't shine". Now you know what that means! Next month I will probably be trying to slurp down that horrible stuff they call "bowel cleanser"....YUK!
But hey...guess I will have to do my duty. Anyway...so good to know you are in great shape yah salty 'ol fella.
cheers from oz, Ross n Jen

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Cheers back atcha, Tai! Welcome back from your AWOL. Don't forget, you mix that Fleet's prep with equal parts margarita mix and tequilla (be sure to use the "clear" tequilla, not the "golden") and it goes down smooooothe!


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Hey, dad....you ARE a HANDSOME devil!!!
Uniforms ALWAYS make me swoon!
If you weren't my dad.....a little incest, anyone?
Hugs, Kathi

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