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all semi's please need your prayers

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hi all,
i need your payers for my son. he had been bleeding for the last month and we took him to gi that took care of me today. dr feels it's not cancer but is going to do scope next wednesday. he is 23 years old and is autistic. he does alot of research on the internet about diseases and because of his condition he feels he has colon cancer. dr seemed pretty positive that it is not, but until the scope don't know. so we do the scope to find out. with this happening it brings me back to my dx. please say a prayer that it is nothing. his name is charlie (really anthony).
he is an awesome kid in spite of his condition.
be well
all the best
never,never give up

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My thoughts and prayers are with Charlie.
warm hugs

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Hi, I will say a prayer for charlie that he is ok. Mindy

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When it affects our children I think we worry even more....

Charlie will be in my prayers.


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Hi Bruce,
My prayers and many positive thoughts go out to you and your son; try to keep your own thoughts positive, you know there are many other explanations for bleeding.
Hang in there; keep us posted.
Hugs to you and Charlie, Judy

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Damn, Bruce. So sorry to hear about your son. You can bet he's on my lrayer list, brother.

Best regards

- SpongeBob

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Hi eveyone, I got my stiches out Friday... Ouch!! 15 in a very sensitive area if you catch my drift! Anyway, the doctor that I met with gave me the pathology report and then took off before he explained it to me. I have a call into my surgeon and I know none of you are physicians but I was just wondering from personal experience if anyone had similiar results. It says all resection margins negative for carcinoma, and 4 out of 8 lymph nodes positive for carcinoma. Soft tissue margin negative for malignancy. Has anyone seen this before?

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Hi Bruce,

So sorry to hear about your son. You will both be in my prayers.


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Thinking of you and sending all my thoughts and Prayers your way .
Take Care and God Bless.

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Bruce, your son is in my prayers. Hope all goes well.


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Charlie is in my thoughts and prayers.

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hi bruce,
i know your worry. right after my diagnosis my son went because of problems he had been having luckily it was nothing but the worry was worse than when it was me. i will keep him and you in my prayers.

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Thinking of you both and sending prayers and best wishes. Please keep us posted.

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Oh, Bruce, a parent's worst nightmare. My one daughter is dd and ed...I HATE it when she gets something into her head that is wrong with her...she just doesn't understand...
I'm sending my biggest, best vibes to you both...please keep us posted!!!!
In my prayers.
Hugs, Kathi

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charlie will be in my prayers.


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Hi Bruce!
My prayers and thoughts for your son, Charlie.

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my prayers are with you and charlie even if you didn't ask for them. I ask God to help all here at CSN; cartakers, survivors, non-survivors..I would like to think that everyone who participates in this forum is automatically covered by the largest prayer umbrella-(circle) ever..for all of you that believe in this power, do it daily-we shall overcome! Bud

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prayers and positive energy coming to you..you and charlie will be in my thoughts.

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