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Not so fast

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I'm troubled because my CA125 is not dropping as rapidly as others in our chemo room. I just finished my 3rd treatment and it only dropped to 70 from 108. Others are at 20-30 after only 2 treatments. Should I be concerned?

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Ann, I would be thrilled to have that drop in only 3 treatments! Those that do not have any drop or even a continued rise are the ones who are not responding to the chemo. Keep your focus on healing, you are in the process. Good Luck!

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Every one is different and the CA125 will end up not being a cancer marker for some. It is normal to be concerned. Just don't let it take over your life completely. If your worried about something, talk about it. Don't hold it in. I wish you the best. Good Luck!! Paula

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Don't be troubled you are on the right track. My bet is your CA125 will drop quickley, Stay positive try not to let stress and worry take over. Talk to your Dr. I have a very good relationship with the my Oncology nurses they are there for you. talk to them they will listen and more than likley can ease your fears. You hang in there. It is a tough fight but you are stronger than you know. Prayers to you. Diana

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