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I do not know if I am dreaming but has anyone heard of itchiness being indicative of cancer recurrance. I swear I heard or read this somewhere.

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I haven't ever heard that, but then there is alot I don't know. You might ask on the esophageal list of the ACOR (association of cancer online resources) www.acor.org then register for esophageal group list (1200 participants and lots of good information). It is a very active list group. There is also a chat group twice a week on MSN group chats "Esophgeal Chat and Support". The chats are Sundays at 8:00 EST and Wednesday 9:00 EST. A good web site for esophageal info is www.eccafe.org -
Hope you find an answer to your question - and that you have NO recurrence



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Thanks for the feedback...Take good care of you!

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I have been told and read that itchiness is a symptom of cancer, not necessarily recurrence. But the itchiness must be quite horrendous to be symptomatic. Best wishes.

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