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RFL Suggestions?

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Hi all,

I'm helping out with a local Relay coming up in August and have volunteered with Survivorship. I'm to:

-Recruit Survivors
-Keep track of all the survivors
-In conjunction With Central Entertainment plan how you will honor survivors and the opening ceremony, and plan one survivor related ceremony.

Since I'm still relatively new at this (I volunteered for the first time with last years Relay), I could use some advice/suggestions from those of you who have more experience with this--particularly with ideas on how to recruit survivors and ideas for survivor related ceremonies.

I'd be greatful for any ideas you can offer.

Incidently, the Relay is in Encinitas, CA if anyone is in the area.


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Howard -

If you give each survivor that comes $500, I'm sure you'll get lots of respondants! Heck - I'll come to CA for that! Where do I sign up?

OK... that $500 was probably a bit over the top... how about having an open bar and dancing girls/boys? I know that would get folks like Lisa Rose, Kathi, Scouty, tkd3, Bud, and the like out there!

On a serious note, is there a local or national celeb survivor that you could contact to attend and give a motivational talk as part of the kick-off? That might bring some folks out who wouldn't otherwise attend.

I think it's awesome that you're volunteering. Congrats! and best of luck!

- SB

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Hey, I wore a STRING bikini by the pool in Palm Springs...the weight loss 'perk' from chemo was very kind to me...
Hugs, Kathi

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Hi Howard,

I will email you some ideas of things that have been done at my local Relay. I am leaving town in the morning so I am in a bit of a rush. Thank you for volunteering!



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Oh, my wonderful dear.
From a survivor that has been to many relays...make sure to have allowances for those of us who are not able to stand for very long. Chairs, SHADE (Tent?), fruit, and liquid is great. At one relay, they hired trained doves, and the handler spoke a WONDERFUL message of hope and support...part of the opening ceremony.
Don't forget to order relay survivor shirts...
Balloons are a BIG hit, but get someone to donate them...I ended up PAYING for the pillars I 'donated' to one relay...purple and white, of course!
Make sure someone is in charge of Luminaria...ask survivors to participate...
I LOVE sb's idea of a speaker...but, please, keep it brief....some of your survivors will still be in treatment, and not have much stamina...
This from the big mouth...
Hugs, Kathi

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Sponger, you crack me up! Thanks for the suggestions.

Kay, Thank you...I look forward to your email.

Kathi, Thank you for the good ideas.


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