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Hi guys! My dad was just given his course of treatment. Carbo and Gemzar once a week. I understand the Carbo, but has anyone had any experience with Gemzar?

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I have not heard of gemzar, I just wanted you to let your dad know that I am celebrating 7 1/2 years cancer free. My lung cancer was stage 4. I had surgery, taxol and carboplatin. My doctor doesn't use the words remission, he says cured! I just had my last ct scan and was told not to come back for a year. Please think positively and know there are survivors living a full life out there!!

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Wow! That is wonderful. Good for you! I have so much respect for everyone who has fought this and won. I never realized how devastating dealing with Cancer could be. Thank you for sharing your story and giving us newbies hope and support.

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The combination of Gemzar (gemcitabine) + Platinum (either cisplatin, carboplatin, or oxaliplatin) has been one of the most important drug combinations introduced for the treatment of solid tumors in the past 18 years. Clinical responses observed by cell culture assay tests have been unprecedented.

Dr. Robert Nagourney's (Director of Rational Therapeutics, Inc.) contributions in terms of recognizing the profound synergy of this combination in the mid 1990's, and promoting the use of this combination had been very important in getting clinical trials with this regimen started in a broad spectrum of cancers.

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