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Chemo #6 (FINAL!) is scheduled for 7-19 (our 31st wedding anniversary!). It's still rough for about 8 days after the treatment. I still have the loss of taste, funny sensation in my mouth for 3 weeks after treatment. But I'm no longer anemic thanks to 4 Procrit shots and my continued use of iron supplements. That really makes a difference. My CA-125 is down to 8! It's never been that low. I just hope that it continues to stay down, even after the treatments are over. I've had the weight gain again, whereas in the beginning I was losing weight. But once I was switched to Taxotere that all changed. My doctor gave me Dyazide (diuretic) to have on hand. The phlebitis (water retention) has also presented itself in a couple of my veins, so they are no longer usable. I tried the Dyazide every other day for only 3 doses. It really didn't help much and I experienced abdominal pain with it. So, don't think I'll be taking it anymore. I also had concerns that my blood pressure would get too low from it and it's already low enough. I feel reasonably well otherwise, just a twinge of pain every now and then on my lower right side. CT scan, however, shows clear! So, my next appointment is 7/14 and I will talk to the doc about it.

As always, God is good. He's really sustaining me through the side affects, the minimal depression now and then, and all things in general. All of your prayers and support are felt and appreciated. My continued prayers for all of you. Hugs for everyone!

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Monika, Thank your so much for the update,sorry you are ill but Yahoo for the tumor marker reading. You made my day!!!!

Love Ya Bonnie

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Good for you, Monika! I feel so hopeful, reading your good news. Stay well! God bless.

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Glad to hear that you are down to your last chemo and you have such a low number! It is always so uplifting to read your post. You have an amazing Faith and Spirit. God Bless

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What great news! Down to 8! How wonderful? What was your starting number with this series? I forget, are you doing just Taxotere now? Yippee...July 19th!!! Do you think you and your husband will go out to celebrate everything? I hope so! Keep up the good work....love, MM

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Monika, I'm very happy to hear that you've beaten it back again! It's such a good thing to have reason to celebrate-I hope you'll "live it up" for your anniversary!

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Congratulations! It's good to get good news every once in a while. I hope and pray that you keep getting it. Paula

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