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Cancer Centers of America

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I was wondering if anyone has gone to the Cancer Centers of America and if so what their experience was. Thank you

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I sure have seen alot of commercials on them, but know nothing. But, I too, have been very curious. I think it is them that I've heard pay for your first airline ticket to the particular hospital, and pick you up in a limo, but after that, of course, you are on your own. Their commercials sound almost too good to be true. I've taken their number down many times. Let us know if you find out anything, okay? Take good care, MM

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bebo...I havn't been but wonder what it would be like, too. Mostly, I wanted to ask if you have made any decisions about further treatment. The online group called thewellnesscommunity.org has sent me a small book of information on ovarian cancer, in the regular mail. It lists the many standard options for treatment and lays out the risks and side effects pretty well-while considering what you have used already and how long that med worked. I found this very helpful to have when taking notes and talking with doctors. Wishing you all the best!

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so, did you receive any responses(opinions) on Cancer Treatment Centers of America? I, too, am interested in an answer. Thanks, tnbikers@frontiernet.net

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