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In my continuing saga of the questionable elevated
pancreatic enzymes. I found out yesterday that the petscan was okay. I had the upper endo done on Thursday where the Dr. said he did not find any thing but a hiatal hernia. I guess I have to add that to my medical list!! He scoped the remaining part of the rectum which showed consistent proctitis. He said it is actually called a disuse colitis. There is still questions as to what raised these enzymes and they continue to be elevated. I have to go for one more test and that is another MRI. It is called a MR-CP which its primary focus is on the pancreatic ducts as well as hepatic ducts and common bile ducts. For now I will take the news of NED. What a big stress relief. As you all know the feeling of waiting for these tests. I cannot thank you all enough for your dedicated support. It has been 3 years for me and if it wasn't for this site I would not believe this could happen. Your friend Fran from Long Island. I think I will take advantage of the beautiful beaches here on the Island this weekend and sit by the shore line. Bags on my belly and all!!

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Wonderful news!!!! I'm very happy for you!
Nothing like a dose of the beach to help you deal with all the news you've been receiving, as well as the uncertainty.
Hoping the MR-CP gives you an answer as well as a simple treatment plan.

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Fran -

Take that good news and enjoy it, Darlin'! Have a great afternoon on Jones Beach or wherever you end-up this weekend!

- SB

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This is great news! I am happy for you! Enjoy the beach! Hopefully MRI would be great too!

Best wishes and God Bless!


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EVERY victory, no matter how large or small, is a victory over the beast!!!!!
sigh....I may need to donate all my clothes to charity...cause I'm doing another......
Hugs, Kathi

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Hang in there. With each "negative" test they get closer to figuring out what it is.

Enjoy the weekend!


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Hi Fran -

This is great news! Of course it is still frustrating, but each negative test is a victory.

Keep us posted - and enjoy the beach. My one "desire" is to live close to the beach.

Take care and keep us posted (I understand you still have concerns but so much has showed up negative - so you should start to feel positive.)


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Wonderful news for you, enjoy the beaches..Sending you good thoughts, Audrey

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I understand your lingering concerns. But, CONGRATULATIONS on the PET results! That is excellent news. Enjoy, rejoice, celebrate.....

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Oh Fran....nothin like tha beach for stress relief gal...just watch out for salty sailors in boats that cruise tha shoreline looking for babes.Congrats on NED....all tha best for the MRI.
Ross n Jen

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Hi Fran,

I hope you are enjoying the beach. The PET scan results are awesome. You have been through so much. Thinking of you and wishing your continued great testing results.



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Well, so far, so good! None of the tests so far show any cancer. That should be comforting. I'm sure everything will turn out fine. I will be praying for you.


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What great news.


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Hi Fran,
I haven't been on here for a few days.. my dear Father-in-law passed away last Thurs. he was 77 yrs old, and endured ALS for 4 yrs, he is now at peace. But, I am so glad for you that your PET was NED... thats wonderful... I knew it would be. Relax now for a little.... and enjoy the beach.
Your friend in PA

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That's great news. We are counting on the other test to be negative as well. Lab tests can be abnormal without there being a significant (needing treatment) cause. That's our wish.

Your friend, Dick

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