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Hello everyone. I hope all is well. My mother is still battling vaginal cancer. It has spread to her lungs and liver. It is in the advanced stage, and she is receiving palliative care. I was wondering if anyone had tried the Essiac Tea treatment. If so, how was your experience? Please respond as soon as possible. Thank you for listening.

Love and Light,


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Cindy, Sorry to hear about your mom's progression of the cancer. I have never tried the tea just wanted to send you a Hug and let you we are praying for you and your mom.


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My prayers go out to you, your mom and family. While I don't recall exactly what the Essiac tea is, I have been taking the Flor-Essence Tea by Flora since 2000 (my first diagnosis). I had a recurrance this past February and will receive my last (HOPEFULLY!) round of chemo in about 2 weeks. Some may argue that neither the tea nor the other holistic approaches I've used have helped at all. I say it didn't hurt to try, and things may have been a lot worse if I hadn't. I may not have been cancer free for 6 years. One will never know for sure. I choose to try anything I believe in.

So, research the Flora tea on the internet and see if it's like the Essiac. My best to you. And sending many, many hugs your way. Please keep in touch.


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I had ovarian cancer and they think I'm in reoccurence now 4 months after the end of chemo. I took Essiac tea throughout treatment and only quit it when they put me on a clinical trial for the reoccurence, because you don't want anything else to interfere. I have started it again as the new drug isn't working. Be sure you get the tea that is produced by the Rene Caisse foundation in Canada. There are imitations that might not have quality ingredients. You can buy it prepared or dry and make your own tea. There are some guidelines as how to make it, so do a search if preparations don't come with the dry tea. I buy the prepared product.

Good Luck,


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You might want to try Protocel! I did and worked for me for my vulvar cancer. The sooner the better. You read about my story on the web page, under vulvar cancer. Protocel does work on numerous types of cancer, and you won't hear about it from a doctor because it is a non-toxic alternative treatment.

I found out about it from www.OutSmartYourCancer.com Best $19.99 I ever spent.


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Cindy, I am making my first batch today. I will let you know what happens. I have cervical cancer that while it was wiped out of my cervix with the chemo and radiation, it is now in lymph nodes in my neck. My only regret is I didn't start taking supplements and the tea sooner. But better late than never. :)

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