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survivability after metastasis

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I have been battling PC for 5 years now and the disease has metastized to the skeleton. spine ribs and who knows where else. It seems like I am trying to pull teeth when I ask the doctors about survivability questions. Always very evasive. Has anyone found a resource for age adjusted survivability studies? If so I would be very interested in reading them. personal info 60 yrs had radiation hormone therapy and am now going thru Taxotere chemo. Thank you for any information you may be able to supply, Michael/ mbeavers on survivors network

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The best place i have found for this info is right here at ACN ,go to http://www.cancer.org/docroot/ETO/eto_1_1a.asp
Good luck but one thing I have found in my life is to quit worring about how long i am going to live but to get out and do things i have always wanted to do so i will not worry how long i live but how good i live.I know this is hard but it is best for me.God Bless and feel free to contact me anytime
Mike Tilley

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Thanks for the info. I am not a doom and gloom person. I would just like to have some statistics. I am working full time while going through chemo, working on a century old home and all that goes along with that chore. and finding time to go for a ride in my vette for ice cream. I have issues with my stamina due to the chemo and the lower back pain is a pain. But I am enjoying every day that i wake up.

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