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Hello. I hope all is well with everyone. My mother is battling advanced stage vaginal cancer. It has spread to her lungs and liver. Her days are numbered now. I was wondering if anyone has used the Essiac Tea treatment for cancer. If so, how was your experience? Please respond as soon as possible. Thank you for listening.

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Be sure, you check with your Doctor about Essiac.
Essiac is an herbal tea mixture that has been touted to relieve pain and reduce the size of tumors. The original formula contained four herbs: burdock, rhubarb, sheep sorrel and slippery elm. Some newer products and knockoffs have other herbs added as well. Though some early tests have shown that chemicals in the herbs used in Essiac have some antioxidant, anti-inflammatory or anti-cancer activity, Essiac hasn't been proved to have any effect on cancer.

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