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Hello. I hope all is well with everyone. My mother is battling advanced stage vaginal cancer. It has spread to her lungs and liver. Her days are numbered now. I was wondering if anyone has used the Essiac Tea treatment for cancer. If so, how was your experience? Please respond as soon as possible, as I would like to learn more info on this treatment before starting it. Thank you for listening.

Love and Light,

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Hi Cindy, I had uterus cancer that has met to the lungs and liver. I am on Faslodex which I feel is working. I do not know about the tea it sounds interesting. I just start drinking Noni Juice. Do you know anything about that? God bless you Bonnie

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Hi Cindy,

I am interested too! I actually ordered it for my mom. Here is a website talking about it


and the anticancer effects of the herbs it has:


God bless,

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First the fact that thier hospital is in Tiajuana is scary, all the violce, drugs in Mexico is scary. After researching all I could, I have decieded it is a homepathic aide, which I fell is not to good God Bless in your decision

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I started drinking 2oz mixed with 2oz of water twice a day on a empty stomach about 4 weeks ago. I havent had new scans or labs yet but am hopeful and willing to try just about anything that possibly can help my situation without being detrimental to where I'm at. A friend of mine has an uncle that drinks it as well that has stomach cancer with mets to liver and the liver tumor is gone and stomach one shrank in half...now he is also actively being treated with conventional medicine as well. Everything I read on it says the scientific community cant say it doesnt work and also cant say it does, so for me that falls into worth a try.

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Just an update

I was on the Essiac tea for just about 7-8weeks drink it like clockwork to the exact directions. Even steeped my own batches for 10 hours a crack. I've since met with a herbalist and they do not recommend this tea for liver cancer. Primary liver cancer is what I have..HCC...not real safe and not real effective. I didnt see any results good or bad.

They did recommend trying a Maintake Mushroom extract and pretty much agreed with my diet choices of mostly; fruits, veggies, whole grains, fish...low sugar, low fat, low sodium, low processed foods which i think is working for me. I was a meat and double even triple potatoes guy buy my weight was always in check.

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