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where is Kanga???

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Hi everyone,
Is Ross OK ? I haven't seen a post from him for ages . Hope that nothing has happened that I did not see. Ron.

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Hi Ron
I was wondering the same thing , So I emailed him the other day ,He emailed me a few days ago and said everything was fine . But that he was having major computer problems.
He did say how frustrated he was that he has not been able to get on the site and that he sure misses everyone .
Take Care and God Bless

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I'MMMMM BAAAACCKK! Geeez....sorry guys n gals. Thanks for tha concern Ron...sure do appreciate it.....and thanks for your mail too Deb(you are so sweet!)
The truth of it all is that I have been working away quite a bit then came down with a real bad cold and was pretty crook for a week but am coming good now. As for getting in tha room here...well...thats another story. I did mail a lot of you but was not sure if the mails got thru. Basically my internet connections were totally haywire and it has taken over a week trying to find tha cause. I think I have kicked butt now so I guess we will have to see if my mails get thru. The connections have been spasmodic....tha kinda "spasma's" one has when one never knows if the "bathroom" is calling....he!he!....need I say more. Anyway it has been a pain in tha proverbial "butt" and I really miss you guys.
So, hopefully the problem has now resolved itself...but I better not speak too soon...gremlins might hear...lol!
To each of you....be safe...be well, and know that Kanga n Jen have not abandoned ship.
huggs, Ross n Jen

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Ross -

I am so glad to hear from you. Was worried myself, but afraid to ask.

Take care,

(I've missed your humor and rainbows.)

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G'day mate,
I'm glad all is well , we are all in a situation where silence can be scary,good to see back . All the best to you and Jen,Ron.

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